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Breaking six world records, Sugon W360- G20 defends the championship of enterprise-class workstation products

Rio Olympic journey is over, Chinese women's volleyball team brings fantastic memory for everyone. Just like Chinese volleyball girls, Sugon W360- G20 has been the star in the "Olympic Games" of 3d design industry.

The standard of the "Olympic Games" in 3d design is quite high, which is based on SPEC viewperf12, an authoritative software evaluating workstation integrated graphics process ability developed by SPEC. The software has been widely used in machinery, medical and other graphics application, testing the performance indexes of workstation product.

How did Sugon W360-G20 win? What the result of tests? Here is the introduction.

 Test Item 1: DassaultCatia-04 (famous design software, applied in design of most planes, cars, engines based on CATIA)

Test content: 14 scene rendering based on CATIA V6 2012
Setting: planes, cars, engines design
Test result: 148.97, breaking the world record and win the gold medal

 Test item 2: CREO (well-known design software, widely used in aircraft, cars and other large heavy industry design)

Test content: 3d processing capacity
Setting: planes, cars and other large heavy industry design
Test result: 106.40, breaking the world record and win the gold medal

 Test item 3: Energy Viewset

Test content: 3d grid computing ability
Setting: earthquake, industry of oil and gas exploration
Test results: narrow gap behind the first with 0.01 points, won the silver medal

 Test item 4: Maya (almost 100% coverage in the animation and the application of film and television design)

Test content: the overall performance, including memory performance
Set the industry: cartoon rendering
Test result: with absolute advantage won the gold medal

 Test item 5: Medical (simulated medical applications based on CT, MRI, 3d modeling)

Test content: CT and MRI application performance
Setting: medical applications
Test result: won the silver medal with 0.03 points behind

 Testing item 6: Showcase

Test content: use the DX photorealistic rendering, especially the shadow performance
Test result: 88.53 points (over 3 points higher than competitors) and win the gold medal

 Testing item 7: Siemens NX (industrial solution for Siemens NX)

 Testing item 8: Solidworks (micro- size 3d mechanic design software of Autodesk)

W360- G20 easily won the gold medal of two items and broke new world records
● Eight tests
● gold medal in six tests
● Six world records
● silver medal in two tests
Defending the championship of enterprise professional workstation products with powerful performance!

Outstanding performance
Sugon W360- G20 as the workstation users' best choice , This is not just a product's success , also the achievement of Sugon's spirit of "craftsman", insisting on innovation over 20 years.