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As an enterprise focus on national information security construction for more than a decade, Sugon did one thing...

All significant international events are serious tests for organizers. In addition to international image of the organizers, even a tiny mistake could cause a serious political issue. For the upcoming G20 Summit in Hangzhou, the organizer has to ensure the success of such international event.

For example, how to prevent the government site from attack by hackers, protection from malicious modification, as well as the core, confidential data security issue. It is quite difficult to take care all the details. Therefore, multiple departments are actively preparing in Zhejiang province, for the fully security of the Summit. It is also a tough task to be in charge of the security on government website information.

 Professional testing services on information security is the guard for G20 Summit 

As an enterprise focus on national information security construction with more than 10 years of experience, Sugon has provided information security for many super calculate center, city cloud center, core national system. During G20, a 15- day free information security risk testing services has been jointly developed by Sugon security product line and subsidiary in Zhe Jiang. The service is combined with technology from top security vendor Check Point. As a major government websites for information security test, the service can defend various attacks, including DDoS, SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, spam attack, exploit attack, brute force password attacks, network scanning attacks, etc. Also, it is capable to manage the zombies, trojans, worms, viruses, data leak and other security incidents. By forming detailed reports, all attack and potential risk information will be listed in the system, and then the rectification or reinforcement suggestions will be proposed.

 The security architecture can resist the invasion and threats in the largest extent 

In addition to detection on information system threats and consulting service, Sugon also provides in- depth system for information security defense, including defends on next- generation network border threat, host security reinforcement system, two- factor authentication system, operational risk management system and so on cutting- edge technology. Sugon is resisting the invasion and threats on information security, operations, mainframe, data from the network, application and so on multiple dimensions to construct the three-dimensional security architecture.

With years of experience on hardware manufacturing and kernel defense technology, Sugon released the latest TLFW- 2000 series next- generation firewall, which is a leading network security products with high performance, high reliability and, high detection rate. Integrated firewall, VPN, IPS, antivirus, WAF, application recognition, Internet behavior management, flow control, load balance, spam filtering, virtualization, and many other functions, one set of TLFW- 2000 can avoid most attacks, greatly reducing TCO. TLFW- 2000 also use the integrated safety detection engine, ensuring the safety of all modules at the same time and the super processing performance.

With leading security technology and rich experience on information security, Sugon will greatly support Zhejiang government on information security and make contribution to G20 Summit by all means.