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News broadcast丨today, the world's largest single caliber radio telescope FAST officially comes into use, with top computing

One of nine great technology infrastructure of China, known as China's "sky eye", the world's largest single caliber radio telescope (FAST) officially come into use in today. CCTV "News Broadcast" gives a special report on the news.

As China's important device in space exploration, the "sky eye" FAST has ultra high sensitivity and strong performance, much better than100 - meter Bonn telescope in Germany known as " the largest machine on the ground" and than "Arecibo" 305- meter telescope in America which is top on the "ten mega projects in the 20th century". It can promote China's ability in space exploration from moon's orbit to the outer solar system, as well Mars. It also promotes China's technology in antenna manufacturing technology, microwave electronic technology, large span structure, the development of high-tech fields, such as high precision dynamic measurement and among the forefront of the astronomical observation and space physics research, leading the field in the future scientific research and exploration of innovation and development.

As the strong support of high sensitivity and performance of FAST, the demand for data storage and calculation is also in the "astronomical" level, which is based on the high performance computing. With high- performance computing technology and rich industry experience, Sugon undertakes high performance computer development and construction work for FAST operation, with highly efficient on data storage, distribution, calculation and analysis, which greatly helps FAST in high sensitivity, high performance of astronomical observation.

FAST project is a typical example in super computing and big data, which is also a perfect landing of large data science. With support from Sugon, FAST will promote China's groundbreaking achievements in the field of astronomy. In addition, Sugon also steps into the earth simulation, meteorology, environmental protection, aerospace big data, genetic research, astronomical detection, deep learning and other fields to provide a large fusion super computing, data fusion architecture, cloud computing solutions, power science and big data to the ground. In the future, Sugon will further promote the data service ability, deveoping in all fields in the era of big data and realize new records!