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       Sugon Information Industry Co., Ltd (“Sugon”) is a high-tech enterprise formed on the basis of significant scientific and technological achievements under the National 863 Program, with the strong drive from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Sugon specializes in the research, development and manufacture of high-performance computers, general servers and storage products as well as providing the service of software designing, system integration and other technical support based on high-end computers. In 2014, Sugon was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 603019). 
       Sugon is a leader in China’s HPC sector and the largest HPC manufacturer in Asia, winning the top spot on the list of China’s TOP 100 supercomputers by market share for six years in a row from 2009 to 2014. Nebula HPC developed by Sugon won the second spot on the 35th list of global TOP 500 supercomputers with per-second system peak speed of 3PFlops and per-second measured Linpack value of 1.271PFlops, becoming the world’s third supercomputer with measured performance of over 1PFlops, thus once again demonstrating the Chinese speed to the rest of the world.  
       Since its inception, Sugon has been delivering on its commitments to serving China through self-dependent innovation, providing Chinese users with good application experience through comprehensive, specialized and value-added services.  Sugon’s hardware products, solutions and cloud computing services have been widely used and applied in numerous fields of government, energy, internet, education, meteorology, medical services and public utilities.  
       As China’s economic development has reached a new stage, national strategies such as internet +, one-belt and one-road, made-in-China 2025 have accelerated the transformation of various sectors as well as the transition of IT industry from IT era to data era, where data will become the core competitiveness and productivity of the nation, industries and enterprises. 
       Bearing in mind its mission to help China become a data power and leveraging its multi-year technical expertise in high-end computing field, Sugon is moving from a hardware and solution provider to data service provider, with “Data @ China” strategy launched in early 2015, the essential elements of which are: 
              1. Establish a nationwide organically connected and woven data network of data neuron comprising cities, industrial sectors and companies. Currently, Sugon has deployed “city clouds” in Southwest, South, Central, East and Northeast China. 
              2. Supply well-established data operation services that meet the governmental standards to realize coordinated, shared and efficient data utilization, improve effectiveness of governmental administration and business management, provide better services to general public and enable all walks of life to share the value of data.  
              3. Bearing in mind the business philosophy of being autonomous, controllable and serving China, and having a deep understanding of China and its industrial sectors, Sugon not only works closely with the CAS to develop advanced technology but more importantly gains leadership advantages in security and reliability as a Chinese proprietary brand, with a view to rooting itself in China and serving China.  

       From being a leading Chinese HPC and server brand to the establishment of China’s first commercialized, large-scaled city-level cloud computing center and then to development of Chinese proprietary big data products and solutions, Sugon will always endeavor to help China become an IT power and create greater value for its customers by staying on the forefront of national development and technological extension.  

Dawning Beijing Base was established and maintained a large growth rate in successive 3 years
Dawning won the first prize in the China HPC TOP100 for consecutively 4 years for its market share
Dawning won the first prize in the China HPC TOP100 for consecutively 3 years for its market share
Dawning Nebular ranked the second place in the world, Tianjin Industrial base was established and put into production
Dawning won the first prize in the China HPC TOP100 for its market share of 27%
Dawning 5000A 230 trillion supercomputer again ranked one of the top 10 supercomputers in the world
Dawning Tianjin Industrial Base (Phase II) was laid a foundation, phase I of it was completed in 2006 and achieved a growth rate of 30% for successively three years, the 25th anniversary of Sugon, the HPC development plan was released
Dawning 4000A enlisted the TOP10 supercomputer in the world, this is the first time for Chinese high-performance computer to enter top 10
The first 1000 sets of supercomputers are delivered to the users to promote the development of domestic high-performance applications
Realization of marketing operation and successfully put into the market, the sales surpassed 100 million yuan
The company was established and stepped onto the industralization road, the sales was up to 20 million yuan
Dawning No. 1 was developed, this product was listed by Primer Li Peng in the government report for 1994