Sugon Slovenia supercomputing center

2017-08-21 14:32:33

On 6th of October, Nova Gorica, a town in Slovenia(slovenian:Republika Slovenija), saw the launch of Arctur-2 High Performance Computing (HPC) system. The HPC infrastructure is a product of Sugon, a leader in China’s HPC sector and the largest HPC manufacturer in Asia. Arctur-2 system is one of the first Sugon’s HPC installations in an European Union country, endorsing corporation’s plans to expand its operations in the West.

Inauguration ribbon of Arctur-2 supercomputer was cut by Mr. Borut Pahor, the President of the Republic of Slovenia

The importance of the occasion was stressed by the presence of Mr. Borut Pahor, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, who accentuated the importance of cutting-edge technological development. Two thirds of today’s schoolchildren will work in professions that don’t even exist yet, Mr. Borut Pahor said.

Mr. Tomi Ilijaš, Arctur’s CEO (right) and Mr. Marko Kobal, Arctur’s CTO (left) present Arctur-2 supercomputer to Mr. Borut Pahor, the President of the Republic of Slovenia.

Mr. Tomi Ilijaš, Arctur’s CEO (left) and Mr. Borut Pahor, the President of the Republic of Slovenia (right).

Inauguration of Arctur-2 HPC infrastructure


Arctur-2 HPC system is a core infrastructure of new HPC competence center, a 4.5 million Euro joint project of Sugon and Arctur Ltd. Arctur Ltd is a research oriented ICT enterprise from Slovenia. The company was established in 1992 and has progressed to become one of the technological trendsetters in south east Europe. Arctur set up their first HPC system in 2010, becoming one of the very few European privately owned SMEs with its own HPC infrastructure. The company is involved in a number of international projects finaced by European Union.  Arctur Ltd is cooperating with a number most prominent European universities and research institutions, such as Intel, Fraunhofer Institute, University of Edinburgh, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, etc. The company was among pioneers in adapting HPC services to the needs of small and media enterprises and is still among market leaders in this specific area.

Arctur-2 system is a hyperconverged HPC & Cloud computing infrastructure. It has been designed and built to fit versatile usage scenarios, from general use Cloud Computing to HPC computing as well as Big Data analytics. By converging different types of servers into single entity high performance, energy efficiency and seamless management were achieved. Besides providing excellent services to the customers from EU and globally, the new HPC Comptence Center in Nova Gorica will function as a starting point for the future Sugon’s operations in Europe.


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