Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sugon”) is a leading enterprise in the field of high-performance computing, server, storage, cloud computing and big data in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise formed on the foundations of the significant scientific and technological achievements made under the National 863 Program and with the strong support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In the field of high-performance computing (HPC, supercomputing), Sugon is the largest manufacturer in Asia and the first manufacturer once brought Chinese HPCs to the top 3 worldwide. Sugon has held pole position in China’s TOP 100 rankings of HPC by market share for eight consecutive years, from 2009 to 2016. Besides, it has mastered a series of core technologies of HPC and gradually achieved industrialization, which has provided solid technical support for China’s advancement of fundamental scientific research, significant scientific equipment and industrial development.

In the field of IT infrastructure such as servers, storage and security products, Sugon has provided reliable, credible and controllable IT infrastructure, international quality products and solutions for customers in various industries around the world.

By virtue of its extensive experience in the field of high-end computing, Sugon has proposed the ''Data @ China'' strategy since 2015 to dedicate to develop urban and industrial cloud computing and big data business. With the implementation of this strategy, Sugon could comprehensively achieve data collection, sharing, analysis and mining through the cross-city, cross-sector and cross-industry data collaboration management platform, and gradually build a cloud data service network covering hundreds of cities and sectors to provide a wealth of intelligent applications and services for the government, industry and the general population. Ultimately, Sugon will fulfill the dream that the whole society could enjoy the benefits brought from data.

For the future, Sugon will aim at improving the service and creating outstanding value for its global customers by staying on the forefront of industrial reform and technological innovation.

The ‘‘Earth Simulator’ project was formally initiated.
Implemented acceleration plan for “Data @ China” to deploy big data in four key areas.
Guided the R&D of the E-Class supercomputing prototype system.
Launched the world's first cloud server "Galaxias" which can simultaneously host over 100 million user sessions.
Created a “super brain” for FAST, the largest radio telescope in the word.
Provided computing support for China's largest heavy-ion accelerator.
Accelerated the Smart City shared economy through "Intercloud Plan" brand chain, which created a new cloud computing business model.
Completion of Sugon’s first data center in Europe.
Won the first place in market share on China HPC TOP100 list for eight consecutive years.
Ranked first place in share among Top 10 on Green500 list.
Released “Data @ China” corporate strategy for nationwide deployment of data network.
Launched China’s first liquid-cooling server with large scale mass production.
Proposed "Open & Invest" global strategic deployment.
Rolled out business operations in Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa.
The President of Sugon, Li Jun, accompanied President Xi Jinping in attending the 8th U.S.-China Internet Industry Forum and delivered a speech, and received by President Xi in person.
Launched the joint venture SVM with VMware.
Made an investment to GCCAlliance Inc.
Won the first place in market share on China HPC TOP100 list for seven consecutive years and TOP 3 on TOP500 list.
IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
Released the first autonomous and controllable bastion host.
Won the first place in market share on China HPC TOP100 list for six consecutive years.
Sugon Panjin base was established.
Won the first place in market share on China HPC TOP100 list for five consecutive years.
Dawning Beijing Base was established.
Maintained a large growth rate in successive 3 years.
Sugon Baotou cloud computing center formally began operation.
Won the first place in market share on China HPC TOP100 list for four consecutive years.
Developed Nebula, the first PFLOPS supercomputer in China.
Sugon formally changed its logo, setting off on the road to the international arena.
Won the first place in market share on China HPC TOP100 list for three consecutive years.
Completed the R&D of Nebula, the PFLOPS supercomputer ranking No.2 in the world.
Dawning Tianjin Manufacture Base began operation.
Won the first place in market share on China HPC TOP100 list for two consecutive years.
Won the first place in market share, 27%, on China HPC TOP100 list.
Dawning Chengdu cloud computing data center was established, which is the first cloud computing data center in China.
Dawning 5000A supercomputer with computing capability of 230 TFLOPS ranked Top 10 in the world for the second time.
Dawning Tianjin Industrial Base (Phase II) was laid a foundation.
Dawning Tianjin Industrial Base (Phase II) was completed.
Achieved a growth rate of 30% for successively three years.
Released the HPC development plan.
The Dawning 4000A ranked Top 10 in the world, which was the first time for a Chinese supercomputer.
The 1000th Dawning supercomputer was delivered, driving the significant development of domestic high-performance applications.
Successfully launched Dawning 3000, marking the maturity of China's supercomputer technologies and products.
Achieved marketization operations and became listed, with sales volume exceeding RMB 100 million.
Launched Dawning 2000 with a peak speed of 20 GFLOPS, which was the most popular supercomputing server architecture internationally at that time.
Dawning 1000A was being used in the Liaohe Oil Field. This was also the first independent entrance into the market for a Chinese supercomputer, marking a breakthrough in the commercialization of domestic supercomputers.
The Company was established and started the road of industrialization, with sales volume of 20 million CNY in the first year.
Dawning 1000, with peak speed of 2.5 GFLOPS, was launched and won the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards.
Dawning No. 1 was launched and later included in the 1994 Government Work Report by Premier Li Peng.