Shenzhen Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences Supercomputing


Shenzhen supercomputing sub-center Chinese Academy of Sciences was built by Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Science. Early at the beginning of 2007, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology purchased a supercomputer with the best performance in South China--Sugon 4000A high performance computing cluster system and organized and established "Shenzhen supercomputing sub-center, Chinese academy of sciences" relying on the high performance computing scientific research team of the digital institution of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology. As for the large-scale blade type general high-performance computer, Sugon TC5000 which was newly introduced in September 2009 with computing speed of 10 trillion times per second, and the total storage capacity is expanded to 100TB.

Shenzhen supercomputing sub-center Chinese Academy of Sciences has become a high performance public service platform for computing research and application, scientific support and social services. In order to comply with the demand of development, it takes the cit informatization as the core, actively carries out the cloud computing, green computing research and services, undertakes the scientific research projects of CAS and Guangdong province, such as data super computing center intelligent green computing model and system development, early warning information extraction and assimilation, scientific research project of Guangdong province, CAS. It also undertakes the 863 Project of southern part of China high-performance computing and data simulation grid nodes, and Hong Kong-Shenzhen innovation circle grid nodes project, etc. It has joined in China National Grid (CNGrid ) and China Science Net Work to provide grid service. Shenzhen supercomputing sub-center Chinese Academy of Sciences mainly serves the research institutes and enterprises in south China, radiating central and southwest region of China, and sincerely provides computing service with high quality, high efficiency and high performance for the cooperative projects and cooperation units of the institutes. By the end of May 2011, it has served more than 50 enterprises and public institutions and scientific research institutes. Its users published more than 50 papers on international influential periodical and magazines.

Computer vision and monitoring research


 cleaning robot noise reduction analysis and optimization research

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