The President of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Laksana Tri Handoko, Director of each institute, Secretary General of Indonesian Ministry of Science and Technology welcomed the visit of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, Guangxi ASEAN, and Sugon on Monday (11/11), at Sasana Widya Sarwono Building, Jakarta. Under the witness of the Ministry of Science and Technology, LIPI and Sugon signed AI Computing Joint Laboratory MOU. Handoko said that as an Indonesian research center, LIPI has well-equipped infrastructures. "LIPI has well-equipped infrastructures in Indonesia, so we can create mutually beneficial relationships in the long run," he stated.

Mr. Ruan Xiangping, Secretary from the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China said, China is increasing cooperation in the field of science and technology in all aspects. The increase in science and technology cooperation undertaken by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology is carried out in many ways, including the exchange of human resources in science and technology, and technology transfer.

Ms. Guo Ying, Vice President of Sugon mentioned that Sugon is mainly engaged in research, development, manufacturing of AI computers, general-purpose servers, storage, security, and data center products, and vigorously develops AI computing services such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. Sugon is a leading company in the field of AI computing in China. Asia's largest AI computer manufacturer.


Sugon's server, storage, security, data center and other computing products, solutions and cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, AI computing services have been widely used in energy, Internet, education, meteorology, medical and public utilities. In various fields of society, there are 45 city cloud subsidiaries, 5 computing centers, 38pb data exchange and sharing in all fields, 2000+ technical patents, 275+ software and hardware partners in various fields, 1000+ smart applications. Sugon and LIPI will provide AI computing support for the development of scientific research and transformation of scientific research achievements in the following fields in the future, and introduce the application research of Sugon in various fields jointly researched and developed in China. R&D and transformation of results will inject new kinetic energy into the fields of economy and people's livelihood in Indonesia and China.


    a.      Weather and marine environment prediction

The meteorological and ocean model acceleration ratio theory proposed by Sugon will cooperate with LIPI in this field. At present, the Indonesian public are most concerned about issues, providing time-sensitive and highly reliable meteorological forecasting supervision and emergency command processing.

b.      Biological information and genetic testing

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, has a vast territory and abundant natural resources. Sugon AI computing has 100+ successful cases in bioinformatics analysis and gene detection in China. LIPI can make full use of existing biological information and gene pools, and use AI computing and AI artificial intelligence technology to bring accelerated kinetic energy to research in the field of bioinformatics analysis and gene detection.


     c.      Medical health

In this field, Sugon will combine the advantages of LIPI's software research results in the AI computing platform to provide computing power and introduce resources, which will greatly improve the accuracy and convenience of diagnosis and treatment technology.


d.      Energy Area

Sugon has more than 20 years of successful experience in providing computing products and solutions in the domestic petroleum energy industry. It has deep understanding and rich experience in the information field of petroleum energy industry. Sugon provides high-level information application for computing, storage, disaster recovery, cloud services and other large-scale information applications for CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC and other units, and provides source code level tuning for users for its exploration and production technology management. The business system is deeply optimized to improve the operational efficiency and reliability of the business system..


e.      Geological monitoring and disaster warning

Sugon will integrate resources to provide core technologies such as cloud computing, big data and intelligent processing. Based on Air & Space Data, it carries the application of many industries such as natural resources, transportation, meteorology, oceanography, environmental protection, emergency, etc.,


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