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On Oct. 16, Sugon, the leading enterprise in high-performance computer area, has released world’s first closed cycle integrated liquid cooling 8-way server—I980-G30, in “Sugon 2018 National Tour Beijing Station”, the theme of which is “Build Core Technology, Empower Digital Economy”. As Sugon latest released self-developed 8-way server product, I980-G30 is also the first key application server with the application of closed cold plate cooling technology.



Sugon has been devoted to the innovation and practice of liquid cooling technology. Since 2012, Sugon has committed to developing a liquid cooling system with the target of high-performance data center application. As the first domestic liquid cooling server manufacturer of massive production and commercial use, Sugon has gradually improved its technology in high-end server design, development and key application fields. For this I980-G30, it is characterized by green reduced noise, excellent performance, stability and reliability, easy deployment, operation and maintenance, etc., which just displays that high reliability and high availability required by key applications is supported by Sugon core technologies.


The biggest highlight of I980-G30 server is the application of closed cycle integrated cold plate liquid cooling technology. In this product, Sugon research team applies this cooling technology for the first time on rack-mounted multi servers. By integrated liquid cooling cycle module, it can improve the cooling efficiency of processor under poor working conditions to a larger extent, and make its CPU temperature at full capacity stabilize around 50, thus further guarantee the multi-thread continuous and overclocking working capability at CPU end.





I980-G30 server adopts solution of high-speed interconnection between boards, and reserves the inter-processor bandwidth to the capacity of next generation platform, preparing for the product upgrading in advance. In order to better improve MTTR of key application products as well as MTBF, I980-G30 designs nearly 400 optical diagnostic monitoring units in and out of the system, which can quickly locate the fault of parts and carry out urgent repair in case of power failure and shutdown of machine room.


It is introduced that I980-G30 not only has green energy saving property, but also has the computing capacity of single node at supercomputing level. The excellent performance makes I980-G30 become an ideal choice for large database, business intelligence analysis, ERP and other key businesses. Besides, Sugon research team has matched the newly upgraded self-developed touchable liquid crystal monitoring system for I980-G30, so as to realize the convenient operation and maintenance of the server.

The latest assessment report shows that I980-G30 had already realized the high reliability of 99.999% and more than 100,000 fault-free hours before mass production, which fully displays the high reliability support to key applications by Sugon core technologies.


Computation power is productivity. I980-G30, integrated with all advanced computation core technologies, is an evidence of Sugon in key application business field. Jian Ye, the COO of Sugon, states that Sugon will continue to dive into advanced computation power represented by high-end server as always, and conquer scientific innovation in key fields and core technology breakthrough.

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