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The whole world’s attention has been attracted by Qingdao in East China’s Shandong province on June 9th and 10th as the 18th SCO Summit was held here, which is the organization's first summit after its expansion. The leaders of the SCO member states will seek further cooperation through joint effortsplaying a grand music for the organization’s cooperation in the new era.

Over the 17 years since its foundation, the SCO members have steadily developed bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the areas of security, economy and humanities. In the field of information technology, exchanges and cooperation among countries have been deepening and plentiful achievements have been achieved, which effectively promotes the flow and interconnection of people, goods and funds among member states.

As the “national team” in the field of information technology in China, Sugon, with its outstanding technical strength and rich experience, has taken the lead in China's information export. On the one hand, it deepens practical cooperation with the member states based on SCO, promoting its information construction in an all-round way; on the other hand, from a global perspective, Sugon actively boosts the construction of digital economy in nations along the Belt and Road which stimulates the economic vitality of these nations.


Seek Deep Cooperation, Co-create Integrative Development

Sugon Boosts the Information Construction of SCO Members in an All-round way

Sugon has made great progress in cooperation with Russia, a key member of the SCO, over the past two years. Sugon has set up an overseas office in Moscow and established good relationships with Russian clients and BP. With the implementation of projects in finance, energy and government, etc., Sugon’s products and solutions have been well known in Russia. More and more Russian companies have known Sugon and used our products and solutions. They successively introduce Sugon’s servers, storage and high-performance computing solutions, such as telecom operators, oil and gas company in Russia and the Sberbank, Russia's largest bank. With close cooperation between China and Russia, a diversified cooperation will be adopted between Sugon and Russian companies.


Respond to the Needs of the Time, Accelerate Globalization

Sugon Actively Promotes the Construction of Digital Economy in Nations along the Belt and Road

It is a significant step in Sugon’s international layout to keep up with the major development strategies of the country and actively promoting information technology exchanges and cooperation with SCO members and Sugon is firmly reaching out to the world.

SCO has an inseparable natural connection with the construction of Belt and Road due to its geographical advantages. For the past five years, the Belt and Road initiative has first been promoted in SCO regions. Shanghai Spirit and Silk Road spirit add radiance and offer more opportunities to each other, promoting the transformation of cooperation from bilateral to multilateral, from specific projects to comprehensive development strategies. SCO Secretary General Rashid Alimov points out that the Belt and Road is not a solo of one country, but a symphony involving a variety of development strategies and initiatives, which brings a very powerful synergetic development effect to SCO.

In the digital construction of Belt and Road, Sugon sets goals based on our country’s strategy. We make full use of our advantages in marketing and industrialization and play a role of bridge in building a scientific and technological innovation community of countries along the Belt and Road.

On May 14, 2017, the president of Sugon Li Jun was present in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation attended and addressed by China's President Xi Jinping. As the first in Asia and China’s largest supercomputing research and development enterprise, Sugon is devoted to forge a new name card of “China Supercomputing” after China high-speed railway, infusing more vigor of scientific and technological innovation to economic development of Belt and Road countries. Sugon HPC, as an excellent representative of China's digital economy and technological innovation, is widely used in many fields of national economy and people’s livelihood such as the meteorological environment protection, resource exploration, the electronic government affairs, finance, electricity, etc. It has played an active role in promoting Informatization and scientific research development in Belt and Road initiative countries, promoting exchanges and training of talents, and strengthening ties with Belt and Road countries and people. Under the guidance of diversification strategy, Sugon has achieved tangible results in realizing all-round upgrading and interconnection of the information and technology infrastructure along the Belt and Road countries. Sugon built its HUB in Europe together with Slovenian company Arctur, providing pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales support for Sugon's business development in Europe, which accelerates Sugon’s business deployment in the European countries along the Belt and Road. Besides, Sugon co-built China-Slovenia high-performance joint laboratory with Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ljubljana, enhancing exchange and cooperation between China and European countries in the field of high performance computing. Sugon has been expanding its overseas market, planning to participate in the construction of smart cities in Europe on a pilot basis and expand the application in transportation, water industry and new energy. In Asia, Sugon has been selected as the Korean government procurement, cooperated with internet enterprises in Korea and developed cooperation with Indonesian Academy of Science in supercomputing. Besides, we have actively carried out technical and talent cooperation with the Thai e-government authority and Siam Cement Group and expanded telecommunications applications in Singapore.

Today, the digital economy has become an accelerator and amplifier for economic change, efficiency change and dynamic change. Sugon’s promotion of international cooperation is beneficial to a comprehensive upgrade and interconnection of software and hardware in information technology infrastructure among countries and helps them to seize the opportunities for digital economy development, providing strong support for economic development. Meanwhile, with its comprehensive and profound technical power in the field of information technology, Sugon will improve the Informatization level in developing countries, help them to build a powerful information security system as well as enhance their ability in defending the national information security.

Sugon will continuously respond to our country’s strategy and strengthen its cooperation with SCO state members. With scientific and technological innovation to serve the global economy, we will promote the rapid development of our society, and fulfill the SCO dream of open development and mutual benefit

For more information about Sugon, please search and follow our WeChat official account “Zhongke Shuguang /sugoncn”.

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