C919 first flight successfully! Sugon assist giant aircraft’s “Chinese Heart” Develop

2017-08-28 17:00:29

Today, Domestic large passenger aircraft C919 first flight successfully in Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It is first large passenger aircraft developed in strict accordance with the advanced airworthiness standards and the market target.

According to information, after C919 complete the assembly, steadily processed in the system integration test, static test, machine test, test flight preparation and other main line. For the first flight, the C919 completed 118 tests, including 21 slippery tests including low slippery, slippery, high slippery, and in March 2017 through expert technical review, pass the flying assessment in April.

Due to weather reasons, C919 domestic large passenger aircraft first flight successfully at two in the afternoon at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which plan in nine in the morning. C919 first flight to the maximum height of 10,000 feet, the maximum speed of 170 jet, totally 15 test points. The entire process is divided into five stages, which are ground inspection stage, climb stage, level fight stage, simulated approach, landing and missed approach stage, landing stage. In accordance with established practice, while first flight, C919 full of landing gear, and keep the flaps down.

In addition, while C919 first flight, there will be a second plane fly together. The mission is to take real-time observation, record flight data, take pictures and videos, ensure the aircraft is safe in the first flight.



In prediction, China will surpass the United States in 2024 as the world's largest aviation market. According to the plan, the first mass production of C919 will be successfully off the assembly line in 2019, this type of aircraft will have a large customer base in domestic.

Reported, totally 23 domestic and foreign airlines and leasing companies have ordered 570 C919 which has 158-174 seats. Including the United States General Electric Leasing (GECAS) and other international customers. The target rival is Boeing and Airbus short-haul aircraft models.

Which industry will be benefit from C919 successful first flight?

Large aircraft industry is capital, technology and resource-intensive industry. Research and development of large aircraft, is a concentrated expression of industry, science and technology and comprehensive strength of the large country. Large aircraft has long industry chain length, wide radiation, strong effect, which is highly integrated of modern high-tech, not only can drive a lot of basic disciplines of major progress, but also to promote new materials, modern manufacturing, advanced power, electronic information, automatic control, Computer and other areas of key technology, pulling the development of many high-tech industries.

Sugon assist giant aircraft “Chinese Heart” develop

C919 first flight successfully is not only further promote the rapid development of Chinese large aircraft industry, making the industry pattern changes, but also another great progress of Chinese made. The aircraft's heart - the engine is the most important development of large aircraft research, achieve the improvement of independent technology and breakthrough in the field of engine development that can truly master the core technology of the big aircraft.

At this stage, C919 uses the US GE engine, and it is expected that the CJ-1000A engine will be developed by China Aviation Commercial Aero Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC"). Its strong R & D design capability and advanced CAE simulation design platform, promote the development process. CAE simulation design platform involves the use of complex data processing and computing, the need for custom-level high-performance computer support.

In 2013, Sugon assist the aircraft industry to set up such a set of high-performance computing system to meet the engine development process involved in the CAD / CAE software licensing resources sharing and management, virtual prototyping design and simulation, structural analysis, aerodynamic calculations, etc. and ultimately established a high security, high scalability, easy management high-performance computer cluster system.

Sugon according to the application requirements of AVIC, adopts the "fat and thin combination way" in the construction of the system, and the Sugon TC4600 blade system is configured to meet the requirements of users with distributed parallel and scalable CFD application. At the same time, the system configuration of multiple fat nodes to meet the implicit structure of the expansion of the general stand-alone parallel application requirements. And by combining the appropriate GPU computing node, to achieve GPU acceleration for some applications.

In the simulation of high performance computing platform, Sugon established of a remote CAD environment earlier, integrate resources into the back-end resource pool, unified CAD and CAE data to eliminate the consumption of client graphics resources, realized the unified simulation platform priority, which effectively drives the design, simulation and optimization of the operation efficiency of the aircraft industry.

In the end, relying on consistent adherence of the "application of adaptation" concept, Sugon assist AVIC to set up a set of complete design-simulation integration of high-performance computing platform to help Chinese domestic commercial engine development!

From today's C919 first flight successfully to the future 2020 CJ-1000A renewal, HPC is undoubtedly a strong boost of the Chinese aviation industry, we will gradually have an autonomous aviation industry to achieve "Made in China 2025" vision. The power of science and technology is gradually changing our lives, Sugon as Chinese first brand of HPC, will continuely contribute to Chinese aviation industry and the progress of people's life!