Let the High-Performance Computer Becoming The Next “Card of China”

2017-08-23 17:44:39

What is the meaning of “The Belt and Road Initiatives” to the world leading supercomputing brand such as Sugon?

Chinese supercomputing has entered the first international camp of supercomputing, Xi Jinping chairman proposed to build “The Belt and Road Initiatives”, which means a major opportunity for Sugon: Transport the supercomputing to further and more developing countries.

Chinese Supercomputing has power to be a new name card

Currently, the rapid development of artificial intelligence is enormous influence of human society, and its core elements is the computing power, data and algorithms. In this trend, the supercomputer will become an important infrastructure for the future intelligent society, its development level and ability related to social development, people's livelihood improvement and civilization and progress. 

Meanwhile, Chinese supercomputing has made remarkable achievement in recent years. In 2016, “Sunway TaihuLight” reelected the world's fastest supercomputer, Chinese supercomputing application won the "Gordon Bell Award" for the first time, the latest issue of the global supercomputer TOP500 list, the total number of Chinese ultra-list beyond the United States firstly. China has been among the ultra-advanced level of the world's advanced level.

As the top of Asia, Chinese largest ultra-developed enterprises, the Sugon of the back of the Chinese Academy of Sciences this scientific research "national team", always adhere to independent innovation, and constantly improve the market changes in service levels, has accumulated deep technical and market experience The In the beginning of the construction of the "one by one" construction initiative, the middle of the Sugon of the "one way along the way" information technology development, construction and innovation of the pioneer posture, a positive response to the initiative, with the Chinese super-count this loud Brand, the number "along the way" construction put into practical action.

Chinese computing bring the “new rise” to “The Belt and Road Initiatives“

A increasing number of countries choose the digital economy as a new growth point, speed up the process of information technology, promote the upgrading of traditional industries. “Petroleum exploration, Intelligent manufacturing, data retrieval, film visual effect cannot leave supercomputing’s support", Li Jun said, Supercomputing can solve many practical problems, improve the research ability, shorten the process of upgrading the technology. It has a very important practical significance to enhance the national competitiveness, improve people's livelihood and promote economic and social development.

In addition, Li Jun pointed out that as a scientific development of the "fourth paradigm", supercomputing infrastructure and related technologies are playing an indispensable role in advanced materials, life sciences, deep-sea detective, space technology and other fields. Improvement of the level of supercomputing is imperative for countries which committed to scientific development.

"Science and technology progress is an important guarantee for sustainable development, as the promotion of scientific and technological development of the 'fourth paradigm', supercomputing is an important infrastructure for development. ' The Belt and Road Initiatives ' international cooperation summit ushered in the development of a good situation, gave a good opportunity of Chinese supercomputing. "Lijun said.

Sugon’s “The Belt and Road Initiatives” practice

As a pioneer of Chinese high-performance computing, Sugon has filled a number of gaps in Chinese supercomputing field. Participate in major national scientific projects, promote scientific research achievements, help "intelligent manufacturing" the country's key equipment ... ... Sugon has been using technology and products in-depth participation in Chinese information technology. In recent years, Sugon has brought a new generation of information technology represented to more countries. At present, international cooperation have been launched in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas in many ways.

                    Sugon Slovenia supercomputing center


In 2016, the data center was built in cooperation with Arctur, a ICT company in Slovenia. With the geographical advantage of Slovenia in Europe, Sugon’s information industry products will be further landing in Europe; February 2017, Sugon, Sugon Yitong, Yunan Nengtou visit Laos, Sugon and other enterprises reached a preliminary cooperation intention that participate in Laos Basong Intelligence city construction. In addition, Thailand's ASEAN Innovation Center, the Egyptian National Laboratory, Sri Lanka LOLC company, the Jordanian government information center and many other "The Belt and Road Initiatives" countries’ research institutions, corporate groups are Sugon’s partners.

"Supercomputing has a huge innovation-driven role." Li Jun explained that with the mature and renewal, supercomputing will be play an increasingly significant role in the application of massive data and high-speed processing, together with other new generation information technology, and jointly promote the scientific research, industrial economic development, on this basis to start a comprehensive information construction, to build the digital "The Belt and Road Initiatives."