Sugon ranked No 1 in China's High- Performance Computer Top 100 Ranking List, for 8 times!

2017-10-09 10:10:36

Today, the latest China's High- performance Computer TOP100 Ranking List has been published on the "2016 National High- performance Computing Academic Conference" (HPC China 2016). Obtaining 34% market shares, Sugon is ranked No 1 in the list again. In the meantime, 4 of Top 10 and 15 of Top 30 systems are from Sugon, which is a sharp leading to the competitors. For 8 consecutive years, Sugon has ranked on the top of Chinese high- performance computer Top 100 market shares, demonstrating Sugon as the "No 1 Brand of China's HPC market".



According to the list, both Sugon and Lenovo ranked No 1 with 34 systems. Three major domestic enterprises hold 87% of total market share. 98% shares are obtained by domestic enterprises while only 1 foreign company listed. On the application level, big data mining and deep learning have been hot issues. Sugon's TC 6000 and HC 2000 are in the list. It is worth mentioning that China's first "science big data engine" by Sugon has provided support to further development of scientific big data system. In addition, the experts expect the first set of E-level system will be listed in 2019.

Being the top position of market, Sugon is rely on the strength of technology, products and applications. Over the years, Sugon regards technology innovation as its foundation. During the technology innovation conference this year, Sugon announced the E- level high- performance computer prototype system development project for the first time, taking advantage in the next round of competition.

In addition to the internal endeavor on development and research, Sugon HPC products are also paying attention to the market voice during going outbound. Mr Zhennan Cao, GM of Department of High- performance Product in Sugon, introduced that Sugon has extend the outcomes of HPC technology into various application fields, through combining innovation and industrial chain both in upstream and downstream, and optimizing the in-depth application scenario.

By bringing out high- performance computing from the laboratory, the self- innovation of Sugon HPC has not only achieved itself, but also promoted the development of China's high- performance computing industry. 

Sugon conducted application- oriented R&D, and has served the earth data simulation, FAST astronomical data processing, and then to E- level pre-research project of high- performance computer. Sugon has expanded the application of high- performance computing from scientific big data to more fields. Sugon has made a technology upgrade which achieves lower energy consumption while higher performance. In this May, Sugon's liquid-cooling high-performance computing system successfully won the bid for the China Electric Power Research Institute. With more than 700 nodes TC4600E - LP liquid-cooling blades will be applied in the super computing system of State Grid Simulation Center, which is the first attempt of the liquid cooling technology in China. 

"Sugon's mission is to realize the industrialization of scientific and technology achievements, improve productivity, and promote the development of various industry." President Li Jun said, "Through Sugon's efforts, the high- performance computing is more close to our lives, and the HPC application would be more popular, which are our responsibility. The honor and the achievements belong to the past, Sugon will move foreword and promote China's high performance computing to into sustainable ecological chain."