ISC18 Exhibition-Sugon

2019-01-04 11:53:26

As a sport event, the World Cup is in full swing; while in the field of supercomputing, there is also a grand international gathering - ISC18 exhibition in Frankfurt on 24th, June. Sugon, with full sincerity, brought many black technologies to display.

Have you, the fans of Sugon, have been expecting for a long time? Now please follow the editor to the scene of ISC18 to enjoy the wonderful moments of Sugon in the field of the international high-performance computing.


The Entrance of ISC18 Exhibition at Messe Frankfurt

The Booth and Products

Sugon displayed two black technology products in ISC18 exhibition: Sugon Torus liquid cooling silicon exchanger and TC4600E-LP cold-plate blade liquid cooling server.


Many black technologies have been applied in the product TC4600E-LP. As an outstanding representative of cold-plate blade liquid cooling technology, the core temperature of TC4600E-LP in full load has decreased by 20, which increases the CPU performance by 5% and boosts the operation efficiency of data center.

After times of upgrading, TC4600E-LP has become a well-deserved “star product”. So far, nearly 5,000 compute nodes have been deployed, and the performance of the product has been generally recognized by customers.

The Booth of Sugon

The World's First Torus Liquid - Cooled Silicon Exchanger

Sugon TC4600E-LP Cold-plate Blade Liquid Cooling Server

Product Release and Publicity

During this exhibition, Sugon also launched two platform-level products related to advanced computing and artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence has been widely recognized as a development trend in this industry and the relevant products and services are constantly iterating. “SothisAI2.0”released by Sugon focuses on artificial intelligence, which is regarded as the “accelerator” of artificial intelligence and is believed to have a positive impact on the development of the whole industry.
The Release of “SothisAI2.0”- Sugon New Version of Artificial Intelligence Management Platform
The Pre-release of Sugon Advanced Computing Service Platform
On-spot Sharing
As one of the representative enterprises of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sugon has always been in the lead in the field of advanced computing. It also has provided solid technical support for the prototype system of “earth system numerical simulation device”, a national big science device. As a result, no matter you expect to learn about the advanced computing or have a great passion for digital earth, the Sugon booth will feast your eyes.
The Vice President of Sugon and the General Manager of Overseas Business Department Guo Ying is introducing Sugon Advanced Computing

The Vice Manager of Sugon High Performance Products Division-Ji Qing is introducing Energized Digital Earth

Customer Interaction 

The exhibition attracted representatives from scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises from all over the world. And many customers were attracted by the Sugon booth to learn about its products and services.

MR. Moskovsky, the CEO of Russia RSC and MR. Shmelev, the COO, are visiting Sugon Booth.

The Overseas Customers are Learning about Sugon Products.

Mystery Guest

Sugon also received a surprise on the site, an honorable guest: Xu Yaojun, director of the German Representative Office of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. Director Xu paid a visit to Sugon booth and delivered a speech.

Xu Yaojun, Director of the German Representative Office of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

Xu said, Sugon, a leading HPC enterprise in China, has hold the no.1 share of the domestic HPC market for many years in succession. Its innovative products have exerted a significant influence on the industry development, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of Sugon overseas market. Xu also expressed that he would strongly support Sugon’s overseas business development in the future.



Sugon Staff is Taking a Picture with Xu Yaojun, Director of the German Representative Office of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

Interactive Activities


On the scene, Sugon also conducted interactive activities together with six other Chinese units participating in the ISC18 technology innovation exhibition. Through these interesting activities, the audience have deepened their understanding of China’s supercomputing.



Sugon has showed “Chinese Power” in this supercomputing gala. In the future, Sugon will focus on core technology breakthrough and actively participate in the construction of the digital economy to promote the development of China's supercomputing.