Sugon Debuts at the Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Tour of Chinese Academy of Sciences· Bangkok Station

2019-01-04 11:30:21

On October 10th, the “Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Tour of Chinese Academy of Science·Bangkok Station” jointly hosted by Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand opened in Bangkok. This is the first time that the Technology Innovation Exhibition of Chinese Academy of Science was exhibited overseas. Sugon, as one of China’s high-tech companies was invited to participate to the show. Thai Princess Sirindhorn attended the opening ceremony, and Lv Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Thailand, Solani, Minister of Science and Technology of Thailand, and Deng Maicun, Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

Lv Jian said in his speech that President Xi Jinping pointed out that China is vigorously promoting the innovation-driven development strategy, while improving its own scientific and technological level, actively carrying out scientific and technological innovation cooperation with countries around the world, launching the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” scientific and technological innovation action plan to promote global technology achievements sharing. In order to further deepen the cooperation between China and Thailand and strengthen the understanding of China's scientific and technological innovations, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand co-hosted the exhibition with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand to showcase the frontier scientific and technological achievements of Chinese Academy of Sciences in recent years and to dock the practical technologies, products and services of the 10 target industries in Thailand, and it also shows deep ties between Princess Sirindhorn and Chinese technology, who is deeply loved by the Chinese and Thai peoples. The cooperation in science and technology innovation is an important part of the friendly cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand, and is also a key area for the joint development of the “ One Belt and One Road” between China and Thailand. In recent years, cooperation between the two sides in high-tech fields such as big data, smart cities, e-commerce, and space technology has become a new bright spot. We believe that under the direct care of the Chinese leaders and Princess Sirindhorn, with the strong promotion of the two governments, and the active participation of scientific research institutions, scientific research workers and related enterprises, the cooperation between China and Thailand will continue to deepen and achieve the close connection between Thailand's "East Economic Corridor", "Thailand 4.0" development strategy and the "One Belt, One Road" initiative so as to benefit the two peoples and promote the prosperity and development of the region.

Information technology is a key area and important guarantee for the implementation of the “ One Belt and One Road”. As the “national team” in China's information technology field and China's leading supercomputing company, Sugon is committed to becoming a Chinese supercomputing business card in “One Belt and One Road” strategy with deep technical accumulation and market experience. In the future, Sugon will actively play an innovative driving role and assist the Thai government, scientific research institutions and related enterprises to promote the construction of IT informatization projects such as supercomputing, big data analysis and smart city. At the same time, Sugon will rely on the geographical advantages of Bangkok to promote scientific research and exploration and industrial economic development along the line of the country, and on this basis, spead a comprehensive information construction and create a digital “ One Belt and One Road”.

Through this exhibition, Sugon demonstrated our advanced technology solutions in the fields of HPC, big data, AI and others to Thailand and even ASEAN countries, and enhanced the influence of Sugon in Southeast Asian countries. During the visit, Princess Sirindhorn also came to Sugon booth to learn about the characteristics and advantages of Sugon big data and HPC solution. During the subsequent exhibition, Sugon booth also attracted a large number of visitors from various industries in Thailand, and they had a strong interest in Sugon high-performance and high-quality IT products and the world's leading HPC solutions, and expressed hope and willingness to establish cooperation with Sugon.

CCTV News Network Live Room Interview with Sugon booth

The tour lasted until October 14 and opened to the public. More than 20 research institutes and Chinese companies such as the Institute of Modern Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Sugon participated. More than 300 people including the International Cooperation Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Science Communication Bureau, the Bangkok Innovation Cooperation Center, and government officials from China and Thailand, representatives from the industrial and commercial circles, the scientific and technological circles, and academic circles attended the opening ceremony.


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