New Year Greeting from Lijun of Sugon|Welcome a Brilliant Sugon in the Next Sunrise

2019-01-04 11:31:26



Year after year, the world is changing day by day. We are about to start a new journey in the bright sunshine of 2019. Here, I would like to extend the New Years greetings to all colleagues, customers and partners at home and abroad, and friends from all walks of life that care about and support the development of Sugon!


2018 is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. For 40 years, our science and technology has been developing quickly, and expanding simultaneously with economic growth, offering all walks of life the confidence in seeking development through thick and thin, and endowing China’s information industry the spirit of breaking through the barriers. Sugon, gestated in this time, has drawn its inner quality, strived courageously and forged ahead bravely in the deep water zone of core technology, and keeps constantly challenging the top of the world.


It has been over 20 years hardships. Focusing on high performance computing, we have led Chinese supercomputing industry to open up new roads and meet new challenges. We have experienced a rapid development from importing to self-manufacturing, and then to the mastery of core technologies. We have blazed a path that makes we Chinese feel proud and elated, which is an important guarantee of improving national comprehensive power and enhancing international competitiveness by leaps and bounds.


It has been over 20 years’ influence of stimulation. Focusing on computation power, we have deeply integrated the high performance computing, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence; and have developed advanced computing, and made efforts to build the whole industry chain in advanced computing. Serving the application fields of “big science, big system, big project”, we have provided guarantee of computation power in the earth system numerical simulation device, and provided a solid technical support for promoting the research of basic science, major scientific equipment, industrial development and upgrading.


Industry rewards the excellent, and God rewards the diligent. In 2018, Sugon has continued the brilliance.


In this year, we keep breaking through key technologies. The new generation Silicon Cube HPC, integrated with the latest technologies in computing, storage, network, energy saving, etc. made its debut in the United States; the prototype system of Sugon Exa-scale HPC is successfully researched and delivered; Sugon deep learning platform is selected into the major AI projects of National Development and Reform Commission, and Sugon has become one of the only two open source platform builders in China.


In this year, we continue to lead industrial development. We won the championship of market shares in HPC TOP100 of China for the ninth time; the National Advanced Computing Industry Innovation Center, led by Sugon, is officially started; the advanced computing centers in Lanzhou, Taiyuan, Fujian and other cities have been built, which have laid a solid foundation for the innovation-driven development of information technology industry and the construction of network power.


We are grateful. The great achievements of Sugon today, are the surging strength endowed by the great era of reform and opening up, are the rewards of untiringly struggle by Sugon people generation after generation, and also are the results of common support by partners from all walks of life. Here, I sincerely thank you all, thank the great era, and thank everyone!


At present, the world is facing great changes never seen in a century. A new wave of scientific and technological revolution, represented by new technologies such as AI and 5G, is surging around the world. The Belt and Road Initiative is accelerating the influence on the world. The competition in digital economy is intensifying… Opportunities and challenges are destined to coexist in 2019. And Sugon is also in the important period of strategic opportunities.


Time and tide wait for no man. Looking ahead, we will focus on advanced computing, pay more attention to core technology innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements, enable the development of digital economy, serve the construction of Belt and Road Initiative, and continue to lead the development of China's information industry. With a broader mind, we will work together, develop together, and share the future together with partners from all walks of life.


Let us step into the new era hand in hand, and start the new journey toward our dream, and welcome a more brilliant Sugon in the next sunrise!