Sugon HPC makes "geocentric adventure" more convenient by accurate survey

2019-03-06 17:50:30

In 2008 "the center of the earth" directed by Eric Brevig premiered. The film tells the story of Trevor as a university professor of natural science to prove that the scene in Verne’s novel is true, while traveling in Iceland into the "mysterious inner world", which started a thrilling adventure, but also a variety of strange creatures and bizarre scenes to satisfy the audience.

In addition, with the development of social economy and new technologies, people's demands for earth and geology survey are increasing year by year. Among which, the iteration and application of remote sensing technology plays a key role. Through the development in recent years, remote sensing technology has been widely used in agriculture, forestry, geology, meteorology, Marine, environmental protection, disaster reduction and other fields, which is greatly affecting social development and people's livelihood. As a leading enterprise of high performance computing in China, Sugon has provided strong technical support for the application of remote sensing technology in various industries by its advantages in high performance computing and other aspects.

The college of mapping and geographic science of Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology is one of the best training units in mapping and technical area in China. The college scientific R&D team focuses on the following fields, the global satellite positioning and navigation (GNSS), remote sensing (RS) image processing, spatial geographic information system (GIS) three fronts, inertial navigation and integrated navigation, engineering measurement and so on. Besides, their carry out research in various industries and complete more than 300 provincial level or enterprises level projects. They has also carried out key research on remote sensing technology, such as Satellite positioning navigation and location information services

Satellite positioning and navigation data processing theory, high-precision satellite positioning and orbit determination, establishment of high-precision spatio-temporal datum, multi-sensor matching technology, mobile platform combination positioning theory, and intelligent transportation and location information service.

Mine and underground engineering surveying

Mine and underground space engineering surveying and deformation monitoring, intelligent mine, mining subsidence and control theory, mine environmental disaster monitoring and evaluation, mine ecological reclamation and ecological restoration technology.

Geographic information services and spatiotemporal data mining

Construction of geographic information public service platform, key technologies of GIS+ transportation, intelligent city, urban space analysis, theories and methods of geographical condition change monitoring, and modeling and analysis of multi-source geographic space big data.

Remote sensing image interpretation and 3D reconstruction

Theories and methods of image description and image interpretation, theories and methods of target extraction and interferometry, microwave remote sensing and quantitative remote sensing applications, photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction.

According to the development features of Liaoning engineering technology university institute of surveying and mapping in the field of remote sensing application, Sugon has provided high targeted and advanced high performance computing solutions involving lots of high quality products, and provided help with advanced technology for the college in these following areas, such as research satellite navigation and positioning and location information services, mining and underground engineering surveying, geographic information service and spatio-temporal data mining, deciphering of remote sensing images and three-dimensional reconstruction and so on.

Presently in the field of high-performance computing, Sugon has formed a complete solution including computing, storage, network, software applications, infrastructure, etc. From hardware to software to services, Sugon could satisfy the demand of customers from various fields in remote sensing technology iteration and application of personalized business and help them to make more breakthroughs.

As a result of rapid development, remote sensing technology has shown its greater potential than other technologies in the same field. In the future, Sugon will continue to increase the investment in advanced technology resources, adhere to the leading technology and quality services, and continually promote the application of remote sensing and other technologies.

Thanks to the development of remote sensing technologies, the "inner earth exploration" that used to only appear in films can come to true easily.