Sugon will host the World Conference on Intelligent Computers

2019-04-12 08:00:51

On April 9, the press conference of the 2019 World Conference on Intelligent Computers (Bench Council 2019) was held in Shenzhen. It was announced that the 2019 (6th) World Intelligent Computer Congress with the theme of "Embrace the Future of Intelligent Computing" would be held in Shenzhen from 27 to 29 June. Feng Shengzhong, director of Shenzhen National Supercomputing Center, Zhan Jianfeng, Chairman of Bench Council Executive Committee, Li Jun, President of Dawning Company (Sugon), Qian Cheng, Vice President of Cambrian Period, and other guests attended the conference.




In order to fulfill the requirement of promoting the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy put forward by the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to serve the national innovation-driven development strategy, to conform to the trend of the new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and to promote Shenzhen to become an international scientific and technological innovation center with global influence, the World Intelligent Computer Congress 2019 came into being, which is centered The International Academic Festival of Intelligent Computer Industry Based on Chips and Systems.


Li Jun stressed at the launch that Sugon has been committed to key equipment research and development and core technology breakthroughs since its inception. As the leader of high performance computing in China, Sugon has integrated high performance computing, big data, cloud computing, Intelligent Computing and other computing technologies from the perspective of computing power. It has constructed the layout of the whole industry chain in the field of advanced computing, and has been exploring and practicing continuously for common development. Li Jun believes that this World Intelligent Computer Congress will bring together excellent enterprises, research institutes and scholars at home and abroad to discuss in depth the Chinese standards of AI software and hardware, support and development of China's applications, and provide suggestions for promoting the development of science and technology in China and the world as well as the improvement of computing power.


It is reported that the World Intelligent Computer Congress was guided by several Turing Award winners and recommended speech experts, including Mr. Qian Xuesen's disciple Dai Ru as academician. As early as 1996, Mr. Qian Xuesen pointed out that the theoretical basis of intelligent computer is the science of thinking, and the development of intelligent computer should follow the road of man-machine integration. Pursuing and realizing "man-machine integration" will be a great revolution in human history.