Sugon CEO Li Jun was invited to attend the "The Belt and Road" Summit Forum

2019-04-29 12:18:17

From April 25th to 27th, the 2nd “The Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum (referred to as “The Summit Forum”) was held in Beijing. Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the summit forum and delivered a keynote speech. Nearly 5,000 foreign guests from more than 150 countries and more than 90 international organizations have jointly discussed “The Belt and Road” cooperation development around the theme of “building ‘The Belt and Road’ and creating a better future”.

As the representative of China's high-tech enterprises, Sugon CEO Li Jun was invited to attend the Digital Silk Road Sub-forum of this Summit Forum, and discussed with the political and business representatives from all over the world to further promote the “The Belt and Road” to achieve high-quality development.


Digital Silk Road is a new bright spot

The digital Silk Road is becoming a new globalization solution to promote the common development of mankind in the digital age. "Equality, openness, trust and sharing are the genes of the digital economy. They are interlinked with the spirit of silk road of peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning and mutual benefit, Speeding up the construction of the digital silk road and bridging the 'digital divide' along the 'The Belt and Road' countries is not only an urgent expectation for all countries to seek new economic development under the tide of digitalization, but also an inevitable choice for promoting ‘The Belt and Road’ to achieve high quality development.” Sugon CEO Li Jun said.


Modern society and economy have been inseparable from the high-efficiency tool of digitalization. The information technology infrastructure has become an important infrastructure such as hydropower and transportation. This is why the ‘Digital Silk Road’ has received much attention from all countries.

CEO Li Jun accepted an interview with CCTV

"Sugon has accumulated core technology for many years in the areas of supercomputing, servers, cloud computing, big data and so on. Through the development of related international businesses, we hope to transmit advanced computing power of integration, intelligence, green and security to provinces and countries along the line, providing computing and data services for them, and helping ’The Belt and Road’to achieve high quality development.” Li Jun said.


The pioneer of digital “The Belt and Road "

Sugon actively develops the overseas business of “The Belt and Road ". Following the establishment of its first overseas office in Moscow, Sugon has established several overseas service agencies in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa, gradually forming a systematic overseas sales system. In addition, Sugon also set up R & D centers and subsidiaries in the US Silicon Valley, set up HPC Hub in Slovenia, and set up overseas centers in countries such as London, Singapore, Bangkok, South Korea, the Middle East and other countries, vigorously supporting Sugon to carry out international cooperation at different levels in Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, so as to serve the digital construction of " The Belt and Road ".


In 2018, Sugon devoted itself to the practice of digitalization of “The Belt and Road ". For example, at the inaugural meeting of the "The Belt and Road" International Scientific Organization Alliance (ANSO) led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan has established cooperation with Sugon in the areas of supercomputing, chemical simulation and information construction. Sugon has successfully entered the communication equipment collection projects of Korea National Computing Center, Korea National Taxation Office, Daejeon Government Data Center, Daum Internet and Government Information Development Institute.


In China, Sugon also participates in the construction of a new generation of information technology infrastructure in key provinces such as Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Jiangsu and Fujian in the “The Belt and Road” important node provinces, and actively promotes the innovative driving role of advanced computing through cooperation between these areas and the international exchanges between the countries along the " The Belt and Road ". Sugon has positioned itself as a pioneer of digital "The Belt and Road ", and is willing to share Chinese digital innovation to the world.