Advanced Level
Intel purley 2-Socket 2U rack server , large memory, rich PCIe and storage options with modular framework. Incredible Versatility engine for Unlimited Applications.

Brand New Processor Architecture

It supports Intel ® xeon ® extensible processor, providing higher performance for every application of users. The processor supports multi-core as well as more and faster UPI buses between AVX-512 instruction set processors, which significantly increases collaborative efficiency between CPUs.

Powerful Processing Performance

It uses Use Intel’s latest C620 series of chipsets and supports SATASATA RAID extension, which gives users more choices. Meanwhile, the new chipset integrates with X722 network card, which can extend to 1Gb/10Gb network interface.

Excellent Extensibility

Each CPU is matched with twelve memory slots so the memory capacity can be extended to 3TB, providing flexible and powerful memory configuration options.

High Density

It applies 2U rack-mounted design, a unique rack-mounted server of heat dissipation structure with high performance, high density and high reliability.


Technical specifications

The Host Performance


Supporting Intel ® xeon ® extensible processors, high-speed UPI interconnect bus (10.4/9.6 GT/s, depending on the CPU Model) and three-level buffer of large capacity (15/20/25/30/35 MB, depending on the CPU Model)


Intel C620 series of chipsets


Twenty-four memory slots

Supporting DDR4 2666/2400/2133 ECC memory (the working frequency depending on CPU and memory configuration)

Maximum extension to 3TB



Onboard integrated giga dual-port RJ45 with multiple choices of network interfaces, such as10 gigabit dual-port RJ45, giga four-port RJ45, gigabit double-port optical fiber

PCIe Extension

Supporting maximum ten PCIe expansion slots (including two special PCIe slots)

Storage Controller

Integrated twelve SATA hard disk controllers which can be flexibly matched with SAS card, supporting RAID0/1/10, SAS RAID card supporting RAID 0/1/5/6/50/60 as well as Cache super-capacitor protection, and providing with functions such as RAID state transition and RAID configuration memory, etc.

Hard Disk Scheme

Four optional hard disk schemes corresponding to four models

8 drive bays model:

Supporting maximum eight LFF/SFF, including eight U.2 SSD

12 drive bays model:

Supporting maximum twelve LFF/SFF, including eight U.2 SSD

24 drive bays model:

Supporting maximum 24 SFF

25 drive bays model:

Supporting maximum 25 SF

All models support mixed insertion of hard disk SAS/SATA, optional two or four LFF/SFF as well as two M.2 SSD and PCIe SSD;

Built-in dual Micro SD card.

Other Ports

One RJ-45 management port is located at the rear of the chassis;

Two USB 3.0 interfaces are at the rear of the chassis and two USB3.0 or USB2.0

options are available at the front of the chassis;

One VGA interface is at the rear of the chassis and prepositioned VGA is optional;

A serial port is optional, located at the rear of the chassis;

Two Micro SD card slots are inside the chassis.


550W high efficiency platinum power supply is for your option, which can be added to 1+1 redundancy;

Heat Dissipation

Four hot-swap fan modules, supporting 3+1 redundancy

Management Function

Integrated BMC chip, supporting advanced management functions such as IPMI2.0, SOL, KVM Over IP and virtual media, etc. A 1Gbps RJ45 management port is provided to support NCSI function.

Optical Disk Driver

Built-in SATA interface DVD-RW optical drive for 8 drive bays model;

USB DVD-RW optical drive for 12/24 drive bays model

Monitoring Screen

Double key LCM monitoring screen for 8 drive bays model

The LCM monitoring screen is not supported by 12/24 drive bays models

Graphics Card     

Integrated display controller with maximum resolution of 1920x1080

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

RHEL 6.X 64bit

RHEL 7.X 64bit

SLES 12 SPx 64bit

Ubuntu 15.10 64bit

VMware ESXi 6.0

Supported operating systems are subject to change without prior notice.


Certified by CCC, CB and CE, etc.please refer to the list of the product certification for details

Supply Voltage



2U rack-mounted server chassis

Chassis size

87.8mm(height)x 448mm(width)x794.4mm(depth)

87.8mm(height)x 482including chassis earmm(width)x801.2including hand screwsmm(depth)


Maximum 35 kg (not including the guide rail)

Operating Temperature

Working: 540 (41104)

Storage: -4070 (-40158)

Operating Humidity

Maximum relative humidity at work : 90RH40

Working: 35%~80 RH

Transiting and storage: 20%~93 RH


Frequency: 5Hz500Hz; accelerated speed less than or equal to 20m/s2, amplitude less than or equal to 0.15mm


Peak acceleration is 150m/s2300m/s2, and duration is less than or equal to 11ms


Peak acceleration is 100m/s2150m/s2, within 1000 times

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