Rack Server

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Adopt modular design, flexible configuration, with a mix of features to maximize performance, scale to meet future demands and adapt to virtually any workload with an optimum balance of compute and memory.

Blade Server

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Multi-node, high density blade server with shared power, cooling, networking and management infrastructure to support extraordinary simplicity, flexibility and upgradeability.Delivering the high performance and reliability for high-end carrier or enterprise applications.

High-Density Server

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With a modular, fully redundant, consolidated framework, the high-density server guarantee a superior reliability, ultimate performance to quick deployment, simply management, efficient cooling system,more capacity, quick solution, lower cost and reduced energy consumption.

Rack Server

Entry Level


Single-socket and compact 1U space, based on Intel® Greenlow platform, multimedia, Graphic Processing Purpose-Built Platform,especially-designed for media, cloud gaming, video streaming and so much more.

Advanced Level


Intel purley 2-Socket, 2U performance packed into a compact 1U chassis, the I610-G30 server delivers uncompromising density and outstanding functionality.


AMD EPYC 2-socket 1U server, up to 32 cores/64 threads per processor , provide high I/O scalability, multiple storage interface choices, extraordinary heat dissipation design, and convenient management and maintenance.


Intel purley 2-Socket 2U rack server , large memory, rich PCIe and storage options with modular framework. Incredible Versatility engine for Unlimited Applications.


AMD EPYC 1-Socket 2U rack server, with the features as powerful performance, lower power consumption and great scalability.

High-end Level


The high-end 4-socket rack server, most powerful, highly scalable system, congeneric product of I840-G25, maximizing the balance with the cost and the performance.


Latest generation, high-end 4-socket rack server, accelerate data-transfer speeds. Build for scalability and speed, particularly suitable for enterprise applications, including EPR, virtualization, in-memory database and so much more.


High-end 8-socket 8U versatile platform, designed to deliver unprecedented performance, scalability, reliability and manageability for critical commercial workloads.