Disk Array

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Sugon disk array has a rich product line, DS600, DS800, DS900 three series cover from advanced to high-end market. Cost-effective, rich, advanced storage features.

Storage Server

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All modular designed product are based on high density architectures, having massive storage capacity. It’s based on Haswell processor, has an enterprise-leveled reliability, availability and manageability features.

Cloud storage

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Sugon cloud storage products using distributed storage architecture, support for massive space, flexible expansion, can help customers build EB-class storage space.

Disk Array

Advanced Level


Extend your data center with the Advanced Disk Array

High-end Level


High-performance All Flash Storage Array,The Sugon DS800-G20F is an advanced full SSD storage arrays that adopts 2U 24 bays framwork, engineered with a high-performance, reliable, scalable storage system from midsize to large scale deployment with centralized management and innovative concept, design, and architecture.


High-performance Multi-controller Storage Array


High extensibility, unified storage platform, data deduplication, complete data protection functions