Urban Geographic Information System (UGIS) Solutions

1.Urban Geographic Information System

Urban Geographic Information System (UGIS) is a branch of the geographic information system, it achieves input, storage, inquiry, search, processing, analysis, display, updates and application of various urban spatial and non-spatial data through the application of computer hardware, software and network technology. This technical system is mainly used to process various urban spatial entities and their relationship, it refers to the application of geographic information technology (including GIS, RS, GPS, which collectively known as the 3S technology) and other relevant information in management and decisions of governments and enterprises, as well as people’s social life. UGIS is one of the infrastructures of a city, it is also an advanced tool in management, planning and scientific decision of a modern city.

2.Challenges existing for UGIS

Data standards are not unified

Map patterns need to changed

Too much spatial data garbage

Unsufficient GIS center operations

3.UGIS sharing platform solutions

The overall solution provided by Sugon for the construction of UGIS is designed to integrate the geographic spatial data, policy and technical environment, promote the innovations and knowledge values creation of governments, enterprises and the community. Through the construction of a unified geographic information platform, achieve digital urban spatial information, improve efficiency and facilitate the public, meanwhile, create more commercial values.

3.1Construction of the shared cloud platform

Construction of the platform includes:

Infrastructure construction

Geographic spatial information resources construction

Shared service platform construction

Business application system construction

Portal and channels construction

3.2Solution properties

Construction of the overall data system: unify the urban spatial data production, management and updated organizational system and management mechanism, realize the integration and automation of extraction and upgrading of geographic spatial framework data. Striving to ensure the integration of data may obtain and use data more economically and safely, meanwhile, this may avoid data offline distribution and update.

Powerful and stable shared service platform: able to realize multiple sourced and multiple industrial specific data sharing, realize high-performance maps distribution and access on the basis of multiple-level cache, supported by flexible personalized layers custom publishing technology, through the overall intelligent operating and maintenance monitoring, the high-efficient and stable operation of the platform may be supported.

 Wide and rich applications: the UGIS public service platform may connect the government, enterprises and the community to set up wide internal applications, horizontal applications, vertical applications and comprehensive applications, provide rich resource pool for enterprises and the community, reduce repeat labor for relevant departments, create more commercial values.

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