Dalian Municipal E-government Extranet Private Cloud Center

Dalian Municipal E-government Extranet is an internet-oriented government affairs network, it was set up to meet the demands of the governmental departments of Dalian at all levels to implement social management, public service and other social services, it is an important part of the state and province e-government network. The construction of this project is of great significance to achieve the interconnection of governmental departments at all levels, information sharing, improve the administrative service ability of the government.

Before the construction of this extranet, Dalian had not any unified government extranet, the business system standards of various departments were not unified, no data exchange interface was reserved, data were closed and were mutually independent, “information island” phenomenon existed seriously, different departments were difficult to exchange and share information, this not only affected the departmental coordination in the internal government departments, but also affected the process to improve the overall level to provide “one-stop” services to the public.

From funding resources, the construction funds of the e-government system of more than 90% units depends on financial investment, while financial funds in various units were extremely dispersed when they are used, computer rooms, network and other infrastructures are poor and are constructed repeatedly, the common and public system has no unified planning and standard, this seriously affected the departmental resource sharing and business coordination. In addition, lacking of technical maintenance staff also affected the improvement of the e-government applications level.

With the development of opening and reform, as well as transformation of government functions, the community has put forward some new requirements for the services provided by government portals. (1) higher level of government information disclosure, online problems processing, public interaction and communication and other functions; (2) to provide “one-stop”, “one-network” service windows for the public, further to facilitate the public to contact and communicate with the government departments and social service departments; (3) to achieve information integration, exchange, sharing and business coordination between different government departments, between government departments and social service departments, improve the administrative service efficiency and management, accelerate the transformation of government functions, promote the construction of service-oriented government. To achieve the above objectives, we must strive to construct a municipally unified network and application support platform, government information resource integration platform and security assurance system, so that to meet the demands to achieve cross-departmental and cross-industrial information sharing and business collaboration.

Dalian E-government Extranet has relatively complete network infrastructures and the layout of its basic network structure is relatively reasonable, thus it has the basic conditions for development, deployment and operation of application software systems in the e-government extranet. On the other hand, the application system resources running on the basic network can not be integrated and shared, the structure advantages provided by the basic network platform is not fully played. To solves these problems, fully play the advantages of the network equipments resources and provide multiple services are the major mission for the construction of the application system of Dalian municipal e-government extranet.

n accordance to the centralized and unified construction principle, the construction of Dalian Municipal e-government extranet shall include the following contents: organizing one network, constructing two platforms, creating three centers, laying four foundations, grasping five demonstrations. From 2008-2009, the main construction mission was to organizing one network, creating three centers, implementing information exchange and sharing applications between the public and the enterprise databases, complete the standard e-government hardware system and multimedia collaborative office communications system, etc.

The three centers mentioned above include Dalian Municipal government network management center, Dalian Municipal government data center and the disaster recovery backup center.

The data and the network management center is the centralized hub of government information construction, through equipments centralization, data and information centralization, application services centralization, professional personnel centralization, operation, maintenance and management centralization, solve the construction, operation and maintenance problems of the e-government network in different government departments, so that to provide high-quality integrated services for various departments. As the government information hub, the center shall be able to facilitate various government departments to be directly connected to this extranet through unified backbone networks, thus to implement data and information exchange; the data center shall be connected to the national backbone communications network through high-speed ports, social public shall be able to obtain services from various government departments through the unified portal network.

The disaster recovery backup center is an important part of the government information construction, through constructing and maintaining an offsite backup storage system, ensure the resistance ability of the system and data against disaster events through geographical separation. Through the configuration of a remote disaster recovery backup system, real-time local data may be remotely replicated at any time.

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