BaiYouHui Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd.

BaiYouHui Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd. (BaiYou) was established in 2007, with its headquarter in Beijing and branches in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and has about 800 employees. BaiYou has a professional team covering all aspects of network game, including R&D, operation, joint operation, customer service, channels promotion, and marketing & PR etc. The R&D department consists of senior professionals in network technology, artistic design, R&D, and planning, and they work to improve product quality and service quality, advocate a civilized internet, take the responsibility of establishing a green and healthy network cultural image, and have continuously launched high-quality internet entertainment products.

BaiYou would not achieve such brilliant achievements without the internal business development system. The biggest platform of the game industry lies in the beauty of the picture, and the beauty of the picture comes from the powerful rendering system. Therefore, building a powerful and stable rendering system is the foundation of business development for a game company. With years’ experiences in high-performance technology, Sugon has set a rendering system with strong extensibility and high reliability for the user, and been providing various technical consultation services, ensuring the users’ business continuity and quality. This is a strong support for the user to win market share and public reputation.

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