High-performance Computing

Sugon is a leading high-performance computer and  solutions provider in China. It has rich experiences of development and operation in many projects such as the "Dawning 4000/5000", Dawning “Nebula”, “Silicon Cube” and the Exascale Supercomputer prototype, and the Earth Simulator.  A team of professional, high-performance experts provide a versatile and dedicated high-performance solution in all areas and lifecycles.

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HPC Leader

Focusing on the HPC field for nearly 30 years, Sugon is responsible for the development and build of high-performance computing systems throughout the country, providing strong computing power support for business operations in all businesses.

Integrated Solution

Relying on the most comprehensive product line, Sugon provides users HPC solution for data center infrastructure, computing systems, storage systems, high-speed networks, cluster management, job scheduling systems, application portals etc.

Rich Experiences

As a complex system, Sugon has laid a solid foundation for set up a high-performance computing systems as designing and delivering of more than 10,000 high-performance computing systems.

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