Sugon joins hands with Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University to create big data "integrated education"

With the release of the State Council's "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan", big data and artificial intelligence have gradually become national strategies. According to relevant data, there are only 460000 big data talents in China, and the gap of big data talents will reach 1.5 million within 3-5 years.

Sugon has joined hands with Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Universityboth develop cooperation from the underlying hardware platform to teaching software, from practical courses to career development training camps, the school-enterprise cooperation aims to promote the symbiosis of big data talent teaching and industrial development.


Sugon's integrated solution creates a "integrated education" template project

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University was born and grew up in an era of rapidly increasing information, which is a leading Sino-foreign cooperative university in China. We have carried out a lot of work in the field of financial big data learning, and have the inherent conditions to start data science and big data technology based on the advantages in business, finance, mathematics and computers.

Aiming at the widespread problem of the disconnection between big data teaching and industry, Sugon has formulated a policy of "schools collaborate with and enterprises" based on the teaching requirements of the new data science and big data technology majors,  the faculty foundation and scientific research strength of XJTLU University , and provide integrated solutions. The specialty scope is moderate and focused, highlighting the strengths of the company.

The overall plan includes a "career development training camp" jointly built by schools and enterprises, two teaching software platforms, and secure and stable hardware support such as computing, storage, and network resources. This set of big data and artificial intelligence talent training program tailored by Sugon for XJTLU University is reproducible and can be called a "template project" for school-enterprise cooperation.

Among them, the teaching software platform includes "Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory" and "Data Science Training Field", the two sets of training platforms is used for serving big data and artificial intelligence, . The courses and materials required by the training platform are all created based on Sugon's real application cases, which will continue to be updated and upgraded in the future, and that is very practical and referential.

Initiate "Career Development Training Camp", seamlessly connect enterprises and coexist with industrial development

      How to integrate big data talent training with industrial development? The biggest highlight of this school-enterprise cooperation is to initiate "Career Development Training Camp", which jointly builds technical skills training facilities with cooperative companies, builds a training environment for integration of industry and education, and promotes cooperative education, collaborative innovation and achievement transformation. At present, the first phase of the training camp has been successfully implemented.


Career development training camp is a set of jointly building discipline services under school-enterprise cooperation mechanism. Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University will cooperate with top companies in the domestic big data and artificial intelligence industry, including customized development of artificial intelligence and big data-related cutting-edge technology series of courses, cutting-edge technology lectures, technical training courses, student employment services, and lectures by corporate lecturers.

School-enterprise cooperation and cooperative education can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of industry partners to participate in the integration of industry and education, and build a long-term mechanism of school enterprise cooperation.

In addition, students can understand future career choices, cultivate talents who can participate in solving practical problems involving work scenarios based on different practical activities so as to achieve the college's artificial intelligence and advanced computing industry integrated education development goals.

The major of data science and big data technology will be the first major of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University's integrated education in the School of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing in Taicang Base, which provides students with superior resources used for teaching and learning. In the future, Sugon will cooperate with more universities to promote the construction of disciplines and majors to adapt to industrial transformation and upgrading, and establish a discipline and professional system that closely connects the industrial chain and innovation chain, so that talent training and industrial development can coexist.

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