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Sugon is committed to adopting advanced computing platforms and innovations and practices in the medical field. It's full-stack medical solutions can help medical institutions accelerate the construction of medical IT4.0.

Sugon's practice and exploration in the field of biomarkers for many years, providing high-performance, highly scalable and deeply optimized bio-computing computing and storage platforms for medical institutions, bio-investment companies and research institutes.

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Ultra high performance computing platform

The use of multi-platform including Intel, AMD and other processors and deep computing units including GPU, FPGA and other acceleration units constitute a super-high computing performance super-computing system.

Medical field customized service platform

Customized medical service platform, perfect for different application scenarios.

Large throughput data processing capability

Hierarchical network structure, powerful scalability and system fault tolerance, providing large-scale data processing capabilities for massively parallel, grid-based applications.

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