Storage and Big Data

Sugon storage and big data product provide data intelligent integration solutions covering big data integration, governance, storage, query, analysis and mining, and visual display. Through real-time and non-real-time analysis and mining, combined with the latest technology of artificial intelligence to help industry users realize the data utilization in the whole scene, and gain insight into opportunities and prevent risks in a timely manner.

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Data integration governance intelligent solution combines complex data management, big data and deep learning integration, promoting the intelligent development, and improving the digital management level of the city.


Rich experience in data engineering services, flexible response to complex data challenges, online expanded solutions, rapid response to business changes, and senior data engineering and scientific teams to help enterprise digital transformation.


Quickly integrate multi-source heterogeneous data, mine new value, high-performance computing analysis architecture, improve data processing efficiency, stabilize the software and hardware infrastructure, and ensure efficient operation of the business.

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