Sugon helps crack the "biological mystery"

1 Project background

The Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences takes integrated biology of pests and rodents and green prevention and control as the main line, and takes major agricultural and human health-related pests and rodents in my country as the research objects. Solving the key basic scientific problems of pest and rodent disaster and developing new technologies of sustainable control are treated as the main goal.

In order to reveal the functional genes of pests and mice, we need do a large amount of biological genetic data analysis work. As far as insect science is concerned, there will be an increasing tendency to study biological events at the molecular level and explore their functional mechanisms. The Institute of Zoology will carry out a large number of theoretical research work to provide strong support for pest immune control and the mining and research of insect-derived antimicrobial drugs based on the Sugon's advanced computing platform.


2 Project requirements

High-performance servers need to meet high-performance biological computing and big data storage.The high-performance computing power of equipment can guarantee to store more than 1PB (including backup) data.

High-performance server computing systems need high computing performance, large memory capacity, and has high demands on memory capacity and access speed. Similarly, there are also high demands on storage requirements. A huge number of small file transfers will cause I/O load bottlenecks. In the process of data analysis, both genomics and ecology need to process a huge amount of small files. Excessive I/O load of existing resources is one of the bottlenecks of data analysis. Therefore, we need to provide a storage system with higher IO .

3 Solution

Sugon Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences provides an advanced computing cluster system to help the Institute of Zoology to carry out biological genetic research on pest and mouse disaster and control and crack more "biological mysteries. 

Sugon has built an advanced computing cluster system for the Animal Institute, and the overall double-precision peak performance reached 82.6 trillion times per second. The entire advanced computing cluster system includes fat nodes, blade computing nodes, login and management nodes, storage IO nodes, disk arrays, high-speed network systems, parallel file systems, job scheduling systems, and overall cabinets. It can provide powerful computing power support for animals and help them to carry out related research on the disaster and control of major pests and rats.

The computing system adopts Sugon TC4600E G3 blade chassis system with a height of 4U and can accommodate 8 dual-channel blade computing nodes. It can install 4 CPUs per u on average, achieving product design requirements with high performance, high density, scalability, on-demand configuration, and flexible solutions. The parallel storage system is composed of disk array storage and IO nodes, and provides a unified image shared storage for the cluster.

4 Customer benefits

The Sugon’s advanced computing cluster system will support the Animal Institute to focus on the key scientific issues of major pests and rodent control, revealing the time, space and genetic dynamics of its population, and clarifying its adaptive countermeasures to environmental stress factors, and discovering a new model of coevolution between pests and rodents, plants and natural enemies, establishes the theory and technical system of ecological management under the global changing environment, thereby developing new ways of "green control".

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