Precision Medicine Project of Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Medical University

Project background

Beijing children's hospital, Capital Medical University (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing children's hospital") is a tertiary A comprehensive pediatric hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, and health care. Its Beijing Institute of Pediatrics, as a hospital-run pediatric basic-clinical research institution, is mainly oriented to the strategic needs of children’s health in China, focusing on genetic analysis and pathogenic mechanisms of genetic diseases, diagnosis of children’s respiratory infections and related disease mechanisms, and children’s Nutrition and nutritional diseases, diagnosis and pathogenesis of children’s ear, nose, throat, head and neck diseases, diagnosis and etiology of congenital immunodeficiency diseases, etc., for children with major birth defects, severe respiratory diseases, embryonic tumors, and congenital immunodeficiency. It has contributed to the clinical diagnosis, treatment and pathogenesis research of major birth defects, severe respiratory diseases, embryogenic tumors, congenital immune deficiency, and nutritional diseases in children.


Customer needs

Beijing institute of pediatrics medical genetics and gene diagnosis oriented research direction, in analytical and pathogenic mechanism of genetic disease gene study need to build a set of precision medical platform, meet such as genome, transcriptome sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics, etc various omics detection technology’s multi-cores, large memory computing needs, by genome and proteome omics frontier technology, technology and medicine for large sample population type with a specific disease biomarkers of analysis and evaluation, validation and application of and to accurately to find the cause of the disease and treatment targets, the different states and processes of a disease are accurately classified, and the purpose of personalized precise treatment for diseases and specific children and patients is finally realized, so as to improve the benefits of disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention, and form a high-level medical technology.


The solution

According to customer needs, based on Sugon's years of technical research and accumulation in the precision medical industry, this project provides end-to-end deepening construction solutions for users, including A620-G30 computing node, S640-G30 backup node and GridView cluster integrated management system.


A620-G30 is mainly designed for the load of modern data centers. With multi-cores, large memory and super I/O expansion, the computing nodes can meet the high load computing requirements of precision medical centers and help the data centers to scale the performance peak.


S640-G30 is mainly designed for large-capacity storage services. The single storage node can meet the highest high-density storage space, while providing powerful computing performance and rich IO expansion to meet the storage requirements of large-capacity backup and archiving in precision medical centers.

GridView integrated cluster management system provides process scheduling, memory management, system communication management, real-time diagnosis of cluster status and other functions of the entire cluster system, including powerful and efficient job scheduling system, integrated platform of simulation design, and operation and maintenance management of data center.

Customer value

The project is to provide users with high performance, easy to use, easy to operational precision medical platform, help medical genetics and gene diagnosis, simplified operation and operational management of scientific research personnel, and at the same time meet in the process of running, the rich clinical diagnosis and treatment to organic and omics research data storage and backup archive, support research institute and Beijing children's hospital medical treatment, scientific research personnel experiment analysis and exploratory research work.

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