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Zhouning County, Ningde City, Fujian Province is located in the northeast part of Fujian, it governs 2 residential committees in 142 administrative villages, 3 small towns of 6 towns, its population is up to 200,000 and covers an area of 1046 square kilometers. Medical institutions in the county are distributed and the medical resources are relatively concentrated. The information technology level of the whole county is relatively low, prior to the implementation of the project, only two hospitals in the county had applied information systems.

The project includes Zhouning County Heal Bureau, 9 township hospitals and 1 county Maternal and Child Health Hospital, after the implementation of the project, the networking of the institutions mentioned above should be achieved, collaborative office may be realized on the online platform, so that to achieve sharing of medical health information, various type of data of the hospitals may be directly reported through the integrated platform.




The Health Bureau adhered to the guiding ideology of “planning from top to down, ensure the integrity, implement from down to top, ensure the feasibility”, followed the principle of “unified planning, unified management, unified standard, overall integration, easier first, implement step by step and overall balanced”, building the medical health information platform through computer, network, communications and other technologies, so that to achieve the unified data center, unified software interface, unified standard and specification, unified maintenance, solve the integration problem of the regional health information. The entire project was implemented in the following several stages:

      1、Stage of pilot hospital information construction and demands survey;

      2、Stage to achieve regional digital construction and building the coordinate office platform;

      3、Stage of overall system integration and overall acceptance.

The solution adopts the operation mode of B/S/S, Zhouning Health Bureau, 9 township hospitals and the 1 Maternal and Child Health Hospital do not need to separately build their own data processing centers; the institutions do not need ti install the dedicated client software, all functions of the system are available through the standard browser, data processing is completed and stored at the data center, the data has high security and simple operation, the system maintenance cost is relatively low. Any of the 11 institutions may deal with their own business through the business processing platform provided by the platform software.


Implementation of the system may bring great convenience and benefits for the hospitals and the Health Bureau.

For the hospital:

Free software and servers are provided to reduce the information construction cost, keep up with the trend of the times rapidly, meanwhile, it’s quite convenient for system upgrades and maintenance.

The scientific and complete management process of the health information platform may help the township hospitals to improve their management levels and operation income, perform the daily cumbersome management work with scoped, standard and simplified processes. The simple design is conducive to provide services to the patients, so that to further embody the principle of “providing satisfying services for the patients”.

Improving the management level: based on the privileges, the administrator may, wherever you are, rapidly know the detailed revenue situations of the hospital through the internet, as well as all the activities of each medical worker during work (such as the prescription, medical history, medication, examination, test, workload and so on).

The pharmaceutical management system may conveniently achieve hierarchical management on drugs, management on medicine batches, smart validity remind to avoid drugs expiry. The detailed entry, sales and storage sheet may be used to view the detailed history of each medicine. The rich query report is conducive to various types of daily statistics inquiry work of the financial, statistical and other departments.

The billing system may conveniently achieve billing (settlement), charges, so that to further improve the hospital’s service quality. The clear daily statement and income statements of various offices completely solved the long-term manual accounting and statement preparation problem in the hospital.

The medical order system may provide clear daily lists and summary lists to enable the patients to understand their treatment information, coordinate the doctor-patient relationship.

Improving the quality of medical care: the medical knowledge base system may provide powerful support for the medical business implementation process of medical workers, so that to effectively avoid medical accidents, improve the medical service quality.

For the Health Bureau

The cooperative office system of the hospital is seamlessly connected with the cooperative office system of the health bureau. Online notice, meeting, files management, direct report, diseases statistics, prevention and other work may be processed through this system.

Supervision: based on the demands of managers, the supervisor is able to timely understand all business activities and medical business activities of all medical institutions within the region governed, such as medicine, consumable materials, prescription, medical records inspection and supervision.

Statistics and alarm of diseases information: statistics of disease information within the region governed, infectious diseases access, alarm of new unknown diseases.

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