Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China


Under the direct administration of the State Ministry of Education, Ocean University of China (OUC) is a comprehensive university with its strength in oceanography and fisheries science. OUC offers courses in Science, Engineering, Agronomy, Medicine (Pharmacy), Economics, Liberal Arts, Management, Law, Education and History as one of the key universities under the state “985 Program” and “211 Program”. By 2025, around her 100th anniversary, OUC will be built into a high-class research based university famous in the world and of striking features. By the middle of the century or for a longer period, OUC will continue to greatly promote reformation and innovation, try to achieve an overall leap forward through strengthening the construction and sustainable development and try to ascend into the ranking list of world top class universities. OUC is taking the lead in the field of ocean research both at home and abroad. Related leaders and experts of many domestic ocean institutions have ever studied or worked in OUC. As it were, OCU is a cradle for the development of marine undertaking in current China.

The school of ocean environment of OUC needs to set up a high-performance computer system which is highly efficient, stable, easy for management and maintenance and highly extensible, and will be used for relevant scientific computation of physical oceanography and atmospheric forecasting. It requires that the design scheme of the whole system should be scientific, systematic and safe and the input and output between the computing system and the data storage system be flexible and highly efficient. Based on the above analysis, the high-performance cluster server adopted for the application of the user is an ideal computing platform which can meet the requirements of the system for the physical oceanography study. In the physical oceanography study, a set of highly efficient cluster computers is required. Therefore, it needs to increase the input to expand the system on the basis of optimizing and integrating the existing cluster and achieve a high-performance computing platform which is unified and easy for management, so as to meet the daily increasing needs for teaching and scientific research and provide a powerful support for the smooth completion of research tasks of each course.

This time Sugon provides OUC with a set of solutions that’s close to the nebula system of Sugon which is elected among Top10 recently. The whole system is composed of Sugon TC3600 CB60 computing blades, which is boasting a super strong computing capacity, with the theoretical peak computing speed as high as 15.96Tflops. Among which, it includes 125 Sugon TC5600 blade servers (each blade is configured with a 24GB memory), which provides a total of 1500 2.66GHz processor cores and a memory of over 3TB.

The set of solutions similar to Sugon “Nebula” provided by Sugon in light of the application needs of OUC. The whole cluster is configured with equipment of powerful computing and communicating capacity. The system is of high extensibility, providing convenience for the user in the smooth operation of Phase II project in the future.

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