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At present, Baidu is the biggest Chinese language search engine in the world. The company has a team of thousands of R&D engineers, the best technical team in China and even the world. The team holds the world’s most state-of-the-art search engine technologies, and makes Baidu the China’s high-tech enterprise with the world’s leading science and core technology.

In 2012, on Baidu World Conference, Baidu launched “Seven Weapons” to the developers:

PCS (Personal Cloud Storage) is a kind of personal cloud storage service, which enables the developer to develop and operate user products with the lowest costs and at the highest efficiency.

Site App is a kind of comprehensive service platform that helps a third party website to generate WebApp. It is also the first online-generating-WebApp service platform in China.

Baidu App Engine (ABE) is a kind of network application development platform based on Baidu’s infrastructure. With BAE, users only need to simply upload applications to provide services for their users.

Baidu Mobile Cloud Testing provides dozens of mobile terminal devices and simulators, which make it easy for the developers to do their development and test work for mobile-phone application.

LBS Cloud is a kind of platform-level service of Baidu Map for LBS developers. With map API, on the one hand the maintenance pressure of storing the increasing huge amount of position data in the mobile developers’ server ends can be solved, and on the other hand, all the LBS developers’ position data based highly concurrent search bottlenecks can be completely solved.

Baidu Browsing Kernel is kind of Webkit based browsing engine with excellent operating efficiency and HTML5 function support. It can perfectly support webpage full browsing and WebApp running. Combining Baidu cloud capacity, the kernel comprehensive performance and capability reach the world’s leading level.

Baidu Mobile Statistics is a kind of professional mobile application statistical analysis tool, supporting ios and android platform. Through easily embedding statistics SDK, the developers can get the whole monitoring of the mobile application and the real-time master of the product performance.

Baidu started cooperation with Sugon from the second half year of 2011, with respect to building the underlying business support system. So far, Baidu has purchased about 10,000 universal and custom servers for all the columns and departments, with a total value of almost 300 million RMB. This not only proves Baidu’s great favor of Sugon products, but also shows that, the national brand, Sugon’s good performance and stability is increasingly winning trust of every internet company user. Following the increasingly close cooperation between Sugon and Baidu, Sugon’s expanding speed in the internet industry is faster and faster, and its market value is growing greater and greater.

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