Sugon Security solution for Hebei Electric Power Corporation


The original firewall of Hebei Electric Power Training Network Center had occurred problems repeatedly, the network may become collapse at any time. After knowing this situation, Sugon’s technical staff investigated the network of the user and recommended appropriate products, meanwhile, Sugon timely designated technical personnel to visit the client and implement installation and commissioning of the firewall, coordinated the user to handle with abnormal problems existing in the network, helped the user to optimize the overall network, customized network security specifications to ensure the smoothness and stability of the overall network.

Core demands

In the upgrade and transformation of the Training Center Network, Sugon’s Tianluo Firewall undertook the important task of security management and created excellent brand image for Sugon, with its excellent performance and outstanding adaptability, Sugon’s firewall products were finally recognized by the user. Presently, Sugon servers and firewall products have been overall introduced into the power system in Hebei Province.


Designing the most suitable security solutions through customization.

Sugon Tianluo series are standard Gigabit firewall, this is a high-end intelligent firewall product carefully designed by Sugon for enterprise users. In the improvement and construction of the network of the Power Training Center of Hebei Electric Power Corporation, the firewall was directly introduced into the Internet through external routes, two internal networks, i.e. student dormitory section and teaching section (the teaching district includes the DMZ server district). The figure below shows the overall network topology structure.

As can be seen from the figure above, Sugon firewall is located at the most critical position, thus the firewall must have a powerful functional system, so that to ensure the stable and normal network access need of the internal network users, on the other hand, to prevent various unknown network attacks and protect the security of the DMZ server section.

Additionally, due to the large quantity of internal employees at the Power Training Center of Hebei Electric Power Corporation and the required dormitory sections, teaching sections, etc, the network environment was extremely complex. Properly, the introduction of one machine with virus, or the diffusion of one virus is enough to create extremely adverse influence on the entire network, for example, if ARP virus is carried by a student’s computer, everything will be ok before such a computer is started or connected to the network, yet once it is connected to the network, drops of other users, failures to access to the network and some other problems will appear in the entire network. For this, Sugon Tianluo firewall was designed with monitoring function and IP/MAC scanning bind function, meanwhile, the firewall may realize time control, flow limit, etc. to the surfacing behaviors of the internal employees, P2P may be limited to download massive software, games, limit to log in particular websites, etc. At the same time, the potential unsafe factors may be avoided on the basis of management. Thus the administrator neither need to frequently check the security of the network nor analyze the virus and network attacks on the network traffic, gateway access information, thus the work pressure will be greatly reduced.

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