Data Protection System for Inner Mongolia Department of Education

Project background

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Education is a component department of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region, it is in charge of education industry and Chinese language work. The Committee of Colleges and Universities of Communist China Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is the standing work agent of the regional party committee. With the deepening of construction of the education information system, the core business and office business become increasingly dependent on the computer system. Data plays an increasingly important role for the business system and its internal operation, in case of any data lost due to any accident, huge economic and image losses may be generated. Data storage backup is an indispensable foundation to guarantee the security and reliability of the system. For the information system, the high reliability and high availability are the most fundamental requirements. All important business data is stored in the network, once lost, the consequences could be disastrous, therefore, it seems extremely important to develop a set of effective disaster recovery solutions. Presently, the customer is mainly faced by the following problems:

  1. The data amount of several systems is continuously increasing, the manual backup method is presently the main method applied, the backup efficiency is quite low and TCO is relatively high.

  2. Complex business operation environments, including Windows, Linux, Oracle, Domino and other databases are applied. It is quite difficult to find a backup software of multiple databases totally supports heterogeneous environments.

Solution introduction

The core business of the Department of Education runs on the SUSE Linux server, its main business is Oracle database, as well as some Linux file systems, based on the customer’s requirements, Sugon recommended to adopt DBstor integrated backup and storage system to protect security of the critical business data at the information center.

DBstor product may perfectly solve all problems faced by the customer.

  1. DBstor has excellent performance under the heterogeneous platform, it supports Windows, HP-UX, SLES, Solaris and other totally more than 30 types of Linux and Mac OS, Netware and operating systems.

  2. Supports Oracle,DB2,Sybase,Informix,MS-SQL, Lotus Notes/Domino,Exchange,SharePoint,MySQL,PostgreSQL, Teradata and many other databases.

  3. DBstor has virtual bandwidth library function, it may virtualize the local storage or SAN storage into tape libraries.

DBstore backup solution has the following advantages:

  1. The original manual operations are all automatically executed by the backup system, thus the workload and human errors may be significantly reduced.

  2. Online backup is achieved for the ORACLE database in the core production system

  3. Remote backup and off-site disaster recovery may be achieved

Project conclusion

Through deploying and using the DBstor backup system, Inner Mongolia Department of Education may effective protect various types of databases and important documents on the heterogeneous platform, it is able to complete instantaneous fast recovery in about 30 seconds, furthermore, data lost is near to zero, thus the business continuity may be ensured to the largest extent. DBstor provides virtual tape library and remote backup functions, when the backup efficiency is improved, the system reliability is also significantly improved.

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