Jiangxi Yingtan Digital Urban Data Backup System

Project background

The digital city project in Yingtan was designed to deal with, analyze and manage the whole city in information manners, so that to promote the smoothness and coordination of urban passenger flow, logistics, capital flows, information flows and traffic flows.

Relying on information and network technology, the digital city project, through the organizational deeds of the government, implements effective integration on various types of information resources in an orderly manner, so that to build the standardized city information system, build the unified information platform and complete information database, develop geographic information, professional application, community service and other series of application engineerings, so that to form the information digital pattern of the city development, management and service functions, provide revolutionary manners for city control, prediction and regulatory, enable the city construction and development to be improved to a new level.

Application of information technology has greatly accelerated the digitization process of the city, however, with the implementation of information technology constructions, massive data information need to be stored on the information platform, once any data is lost accidentally, huge economic losses may be caused, building backup systems for critical data is an indispensable foundation for the security and reliability of the digital city information platform.


The DBstor backup storage system built by Sugon for the user adopted the LAN-Free backup method, it used the DS600 disk array with the SAN structure as the storage media of the entire backup system, backup data streams are transmitted through special SAN networks, thus it effectively reduced the number of backup windows and ensured the high availability and high reliability of the backup system. Additionally, the DBstore system adopts unique disk media management method, it is able to create virtual bandwidth library on the files system, so that to ensure the logical continuity of backup data, avoid time losses consumed by frequent disk channels finding.

The backup system implements unified management and control through the graphical interface, the Chinese operational interface is both simple and intuitive, thus the user may use and maintain the system easily. The user may, based on business demands, set multiple backup strategies based on time or events triggers, the backup system may complete backup missions automatically without complex scripting process.

Project conclusion

This storage disaster recovery system realized the centralized disaster recovery management of the heterogeneous server platforms, thus effectively reduced the investment costs in software, hardware and maintenance management, it realized the reliable disaster recovery system and data multiple protection, ensured the reliability and security of the business data, meanwhile, it created the optimal investment returns for the user.

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