New Rural Cooperative Medical System of Yulin Health Bureau of Shaanxi Province

Project background

      The establishment of the new rural cooperative medical service system plays an important role in improving the health guarantee level for farmers, reducing medical burdens and solve the poverty problem caused by diseases. Establishment of such a system is a complex and challengeable task. Therefore, to maintain the basic rights and interests of the vast farmers, the Health Bureau of Yulin initiatively promotes the construction of the new rural cooperation medical information system platform, so that to lay a firm foundation for the healthy development of new rural cooperative medical service.

Construction objectives

Establishing the new rural cooperative medical information system platform, build center room and database, set up computer network connections between new rural cooperative medical service administrative institutes, agencies, designated medical institutions and other departments, achieve online audit, timely settlement, real-time monitoring and information summary, realize the networking operation with the provincial new rural cooperative medical information system, improve the management level and work efficiency, provide decision-making basis for medical administrative institutions at all levels.

Sugon solutions


The city’s new rural cooperative medical information system platform includes the database server, application server, high-performance storage system, network supporting system, etc, the redundant structure is used throughout the system, so that to ensure the high reliability and high stability of the business system.

The database storage system adopts the FC-SAN architecture, it is able to meet the high-frequency and low time delay response characteristics of database access on performance, meanwhile, the redundant structure is used throughout the entire network architecture. To avoid storage hardware failures, the storage device should be at least two controllers, each controller should be connected with at least two fiber lines. Dual redundant architecture is also applied on the transmission linkage layer, dual FC fiber switches are used, each host is arranged with two HBA fiber cards which are respectively connected with the two FC switches, the terminal database server provides external services in a load-balance way through the dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Due to the inherent features of the new rural cooperative medical information system, data generated in the system includes the structured and unstructured data of the relationship database, the structured data includes the electronic patient index, business system data, collaborative database, etc, while the unstructured data includes the image data generated by the PACS image system, part of text data in the electronic patient records, etc. Different data has different storage requirements, therefore, the system adopts two types of storage systems to meet the business demands.

Benefits analysis

Through construction of the new rural cooperative medical information platform, online settlements, real-time monitoring and information summary may be achieved, so that to realize digital, information and scientific management on the system business, improve the work efficiency and service level, the following benefits may be obtained.

      1.Establishing the city’s uniform new rural cooperative medical information service network, set up resource database covering all new rural cooperative medical business networks and all farmers participating in such a service throughout the city, standardize the processing system and realize internal information sharing.

      2.Establishing the standard new rural cooperative medical business management system. By using the information technology, integrate and optimize the business processing mode, realize the computer-oriented processing and standardized management on registration, payment, review, billing and other business in the system, realize the electronic and automation of business processing process.

      3.Establishing complete social service system. Make full use of the modern information technology, set “meeting the actual demands of service objects of the new rural cooperative medical system” as the principle, provide overall information inquiry and policy inquiry service in multiple ways, improve the social service depth and width, make efforts to build a convenient and practical, technologically reliable, multi-level and variety social service system.

      4.Establishing a scientific macro management system. Through construction of the decision-making support database, provide supports for scientifically develop and adjust various policies. Provide overall and timely support for supervision on the new rural cooperative medical funds through the information system, so that to reduce funds operation risk and guarantee the funds operation security.

      5.Focusing on the management of new rural cooperative medical funds, explore the rural health information construction ideas, so that to achieve the purpose of providing high-quality health care service for the vast farmers.

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