Yueyang Social Security Backup Disaster Recovery System

Project background

The labor and social security system is an industry associated with the interests of the vast majority of people int eh society and involves the largest populations, due to this characteristics, the availability of data information in the social security industry is not only related to the image of the government, but also related to the practical interests and rights of each participant.

Yueyang Social Security information system includes two parts: part 1: labor and social security information management system composed by 6 business systems, this part is based on the labor and social security public business platform. Part 2: labor and social security resource database platform. The data storage system is the core of the social security information system, its reliability and stability directly affects the user’s business system, therefore, to protect critical data, a set of practical and effective data backup system shall be built.

For Yueyang Social security department, to built the backup system, it has to face to the following problems: excessive database types, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the business system, database online backup should be supported; the backup program needs to be flexible to set different backup policies, so that to ensure the optimal performance of the backup system; the program shall have excellent expandability to deal with the backup demands of future data growth.


To meet the above demands proposed by the user, Sugon recommended to adopt DBsotr to built the backups storage system. DBstor is an overall backups torage system carefully developed by Sugon, it has high intensity, simple deployment, simple management and many other advantages.

This solution has excellent system compatibilities, including Windows, Linux and other common operating systems, as well as ORACLE, SQL and other database systems ORACLE, SQL Server database, supports database backup under an online connection state; supports full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, logs backup and many other backup strategies. Based on the centralized data backup method of the graphical interface, the user may use and maintain the system conveniently, particularly the ReportManager, it may find problems existing int eh backup through the color-based graphical interface, so that to facilitate multiple-point centralized monitoring, supports VTL, SmartDisk backup storage media, the backup space may be dynamically increased according to actual demands, so that to reduce investment costs for the user.

Project conclusion

After the backup system was successfully deployed, all business system data of Yueyang Social Security was comprehensively protected. The backup system adopted the advanced hard disk backup technology, parallel backup of multiple databases may be achieved, meanwhile, it provided effective protection to the system, therefore, in case of files lost, database damage, system damage and many other accidents, data may be recovered rapidly, centralized monitoring on the backup system was also achieved. Additionally, this system has extremely high expandability to meet the backup demands of the user on future business data growth.

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