High Performance Computing Center of Central South University


The Central South University, a comprehensive national key university, is directly administered by Ministry of Education and listed into “211 Project” and “985 Project”. This university is constructed under cooperation of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Hunan Provincial Government and is one of the most kernel 23 universities listed into the national 111 plan. It is also the unique vice-ministerial level university and the strongest university in the comprehensive strength in Hunan province.

The high-performance grid computing platform of the Central South University consists of 78 4-channel blade servers, 3 SMP 8-channel fat nodes, 2 login management servers, 2 I/O nodes and 1 Web node. The computing platform consists of 346 generic processors and 1384 CPU cores, with total capacity of up to 2756GB. The computing network is interconnected by InfiniBand. The communication bandwidth of single communication link is 20Gbps. The total storage capacity of the disk array is 20TB. The theoretical peak double-precision floating point computing time of the computing platform is 10.2144 TFlops (trillion times/s). The LINPACK test value is 8.27368 TFlops and the efficiency is 0.81. The general performance is ranked Top 8th in 100 High-Performance Computing platforms in universities in 2009.



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