Computing Center in Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Theoretical Physics of CAS is founded in 1978, the first leader of which is Peng Hengwu, one of the “Two Bombs & One Satellite” fathers. Now Institute of Theoretical Physics employes 36 senior reserachers, including 8 academicans from CAS, 4 academicans from The Third World Academy of Science, 9 reserachers listed into “100-Talent Project Plan” of CAS, and 7 reserachers awarded by China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists.

At the end of 2011, the Institute of Theoretical Physics invested to construct a high-performance computing center for research on theoretical physics and interdisciplinary. This system, based on Sugon high-performance computer series, was formally put into operation in February, 2012. The computing center was expanded at the end of 2012 in the phase II project. The system computing perofmrance reaches 40000 billion times/s. The whole system is interconnected by 40Gb InfiniBand line speed. The Sugon ParaStor200 distributed parallel storage system is configured.



Since puting into operation, the user quantity and resource utilization rate gradually increase and it supports researches of several teams of the institute. The supported research areas cover theoretical or inter disciplines such as particle physics, condensed matter physics. quantum field theory, material science, biology information science and astronomy. Now the center has become the common science research infrastructure of the institute, providing the researchers with powerful and high-performance computing resources, and contributing much to the researches of Institute of Theoretical Physics.

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