High Performance Computing Center of Tianjin University

Tianjin University, with precursor of Peiyang University, is the first modern university in China. In 1951, it was adjusted and named as Tianjin University by the government, and in 1959 it became one of the sixteen national key universities approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is also the first batch of the key universities constructed by “211 Project” and “985 Project” and one of the eight famous old architecture universities in China

On June 30 2011, Tianjin University signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sugon Company. The two parties will build the high performance computing center (supercomputer center) of Tianjin University. The first-phase project of Tianjin University high performance computing center was founded in October 2011. It has 56 sets of computing nodes including 10 sets of four-way blade computational nodes and 46 sets of double-way computing nodes. It adopts InfiniBand high-speed computing network and its storage system adopts ParaStor100 distributed parallel storage architecture. The computing speed of the first-phase reaches 11 trillion times per second. Since the first-stage project of  high performance computing center was constructed and put into service, high performance computing applications increase gradually, and gradually formed a stable, reliable and efficient public computing platform of the whole university which provides quality computing resources for all the teachers and students. The usage pattern of the high performance computing users within the university is completely changed through resource integration and unified management of the computing center and the users’ scientific research working efficiency is greatly improved, which plays a huge role in the multidisciplinary research and teaching work of Tianjin University. The users cover many fields such as precise instrument, telecommunications, automation, construction engineering industry, chemical industry, materials, management and economic department, faculty of science, computer, software, environment, college of pharmacy, the internal combustion engine research institute and so on. The user subjects cover scientific computing, biological information, engineering simulation and other fields. It has supported many important research subjects of Tianjin University, including sludge fluidized bed incineration value simulation, large-scale RNA data analysis based on high-throughput  sequencing platform, and proteins thermodynamic transition studies under the common effect of sequence and disulfide bond, etc.

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