Geophysical Research Institute of Henan Oilfield

Henan Oil Field Subsidiary Company (HOFSC) is the upstream enterprise of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. The Oil Exploration & Development Institute of HOFSC is its only comprehensive research institute, counselor unit for its strategic decisions, supporting center for high-tech of oil-gas exploration and production, technology service center and high-level talent training center. The institute takes on the critical responsibilities of seismic prospecting project planning, field acquisition designing, and seismic data processing & interpretation. With limited oil reserves, in order for the greater opportunities and initiatives, the accuracy of oil exploration must be enhanced, and the exploration time must be shortened, and the extraction cost must be reduced, therefore, more accurate and richer data is demanded and then analyzed by high-performance computers to obtain accurate explanation. In a sense, high-performance computers have become the key to raising the oil exploration level and enhancing the international competitiveness.

This project has chosen the “cluster” system core computing node TC3600 blade server, which is ranked the second position of TOP500 high-performance computers. It includes four parts, namely, the computing system, the network system, the storage system and the assistant management system. It adopts 64 quad eight-core blade servers as computing nodes and provides computing power of 2048 CPU cores. The high-performance parallel storage system is used for storage and the total capacity is 32TB. The high-performance distributed file system and the concurrent access mode provides high-speed data access channel for the computing nodes. The high-performance KM line speed non-blocking switch is used for the network system, satisfying all the nodes with highly efficient parallel computing. The assistant system is composed by Sugon’s self-developed air-cooled cabinet, the centralized power supply management system, the remote video control system and the cluster management system, ensuring the normal working of the entire cluster.

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