Cluster project of cloud computing platform Hadoop for Henan Mobile

To give impetus to the detail management of the whole network data flow and get more benefit of running the data management, Henan Mobile cooperates with Sugon Company to conduct the management and analysis project for system flow. The purpose of Henan Mobile resource pool project is to build business supporting cloud for internal sharing, which is based on the business computing needs for the future. According to the competition situation and users’ requirements, it will realize real-time billing and reminder of data flow, optimize billing system for data flow, lower the tariff level gap with or without the package, improve the management ability, continuously improve customers’ satisfaction, and greatly reduce the complaints towards flow.

This platform will be used in the data management in the first place. The speed of data processing is based on the platform, proving data support for the development of company’s business. Secondly, the platform will also deal with monthly bills and replace the existing traditional Oracle database group, small-scale machines and high-end FC disc arrangement model, which could temporary ensure the providing of users’ bills on the first day of each month. However, with the data’s increasing speed of 15% each year, the existing system will not be able to satisfy the requirements of rapidly developed business, according to the client’s prediction. That’s the reason why they want to establish a higher performance and expansion ability platform to replace the original system.

According to years of accumulation and researches in distributed computing, the Sugon Company recommends distributed computing platform plan–Hadoop, which is based on IB network, to solve the bottleneck problem of network performance.

This project uses 150 A620r-G dual servers to establish Hadoop platform, and 100 A840r-G four-server servers to build database processing platform. The entire system is connected through Infiniband network. In the design of IB network for the system platform, all connections for network equipment adopt redundant design. This system achieves the Tri-networks integration among Ethernet, Fibre channel and Infiniband, through the usage of the former plan to meet the high-speed communication requirements of Hadoop group and database processing platform.

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