Private cloud building project for Fujian mobile network management center

Fujian mobile is the branch company of China Mobile located at Fujian, with IT system situation of  numerous hosts, wider network distribution and complicated network structure. In the meantime, the computer network, host, database, application and other aspects supported by mobile operation system have the following weaknesses: scattered management mechanism, backward management, weakness in network management, lack of initiative performance analysis, lack of performance analysis and optimization techniques of database and lack of process for service management and IT management.

To improve those weak links, Fujian mobile needs to conduct comprehensive, integrated and effective monitor and management upon its network system, host system and database system. It would make the IT management system have features of high efficiency, practicability and expandability.

Based on the complexity and importance of the BOSS system management, Fujian mobile conducts many comparisons among the IT management schemes of many manufacturers, and finally chooses the private cloud solution provided by Sugon.

According to the actual conditions of Fujian mobile, Sugon establishes a principle of “overall planning, step-by-step implementation”, which is divided into three stages to improve the BOSS system. The first stage mainly realizes the management for all major network equipments, host system and fundamental IT systems within the system. During the second stage, it would realize the virtual resources cloud management of the fundamental IT system. And the third stage realizes the service management for the system. The system structure is shown below.


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