Cloud Computing Platform for Jiaozuo Education Information Center

The abroad virtualization technology has been widely adopted, yet most domestic information center /network centers have not understand the great benefits of virtualization technology. However, with its farseeing visions, Jiaozuo Information Technology Education Center invested and constructed a new IT infrastructure platform in 2007-2008, this such a platform, the virtualization technology was applied and realized the integration between different servers, the utilization of the host was improved, TCO was reduced, management was simplified and the energy-saving objects were achieved, thus the client has become a leading unit in the IT construction of the national education system.

By applying the virtualization software VMware Infrastructure 4, Jiaozuo Information Technology Education Center integrated the 17 functional servers, including the Web server of the subordinate agency, Web server of the municipal bureau of education, OA Portal, MALL, VOD, FTP server, etc, onto the three sets of Sugon 4-way high-end servers A850r-F through a virtual machine (VM), meanwhile, through the HA and DRS characteristics provided by VMware Infrastructure, these three servers are combined as one virtual server cluster characterized by high availability and distributed resource scheduling, so that to support its information needs. The topology of this project is as shown below.

To solve the reliability and performance problems of the potential I/O channel in the virtualized IT structure, we equipped each ESX host with 2 FC HAB cards and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, thus to improve the reliability of data storage and solve the performance problem of I/O, this is attributable to the excellent expansion capability of A850r. Meanwhile, Sugon DS8314FF is a all-optical disk arrays with dual redundant and dual active controllers, through the introduction of redundant FC SAN, the reliability and high performance of the whole virtualized infrastructure data storage may be ensured.

Through building the virtualized IT infrastructure through enterprise-class high-end severs and storage equipments, Jiaozuo Bureau of Education improved the utilization of the server, simplified management (presently, all 17 functional servers may be managed through only one customer end), achieved the high availability and high performance, reduced TCO.

Main hardware equipments


Detailed configuration information


4-way server A850r-F

Processor: 4 × AMD Opteron 8350
Memory: 16 × 2G DDR2 667(32GB in total)
Disk controller: 1× SAS RAID card
Hard disk: 2 × 147GB/SAS/15Krpm hard drive
NIC: 2 × dual integrated Gigabit NICs(4 external RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports are provided)
HBA card: 2 × 4Gb single-port HBA cards


Dual-way server A620r-FX

Processor: 2 × AMD Opteron 2214
Memory: 1 × 4G DDR2/250G SATA HD×1)



Brocade SAN fabric switch Brocade 200E    200E


Disk storage array DS8314FF

Controller: dual Active redundant controllers
Cache: 2×1GB(with battery protection function)
Hard disk: 16 × 300GB FC
Host interface: 8 4Gb/s FC host channels, each channel is of 400MB/S bandwidth, compatible with the previous FC standard.
Disk channel: 4 4Gb/s FC fabric channel arbitrated loop disk channels, each channel is of 400MB/S bandwidth, capatible with the previous FC standard.


Virtualization and automation of hardware resources

The virtualization design greatly reduced the implementation cycle and management difficulty of the project, additionally, it helped us to integrate the server resources, achieved the separation between application and hardware, reduced the processing load and, to some extent, solved the original data center space, power, insufficient cooling problems and improved the utilization of the data center at the same time.

Specific Sugon database machine and RAC framework were applied

- In case of any problem with a certain business system, we do not need to reset the core process of the database, the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the database can not be ensured, thus the downtime caused by failures was greatly reduced and the downtime impact was minimized.

- All servers share the same database system, load balance may be achieved in normal operations. The two equipments in the RAC system may realize the load balance function automatically, thus the pressure on the servers is greatly reduced and the workload of the administrators was simplified.

- The database system is completely transparent to the upper, thus the development is greatly simplified.

The application layer is based on the virtualized machines cluster, based on the business demands, it can become flexible and the application procedures may be really extended.

Achieving balanced access required by the customer end through load balance equipments

Complete storage backup system

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