Solution for server virtualization of tax system

Solution for server virtualization of tax system

1.1.1 Sugon’s reference architecture for the virtualization solution

1.1.2 Analysis of function features

1) Realizing the integration of servers and protection of investment

If there is any problem happening to the fully isolated multiple VM, it will not affect other VM. Moreover, through the functioning of multiple operation systems and its applications on one physical server, it will increase the utilization rate of the server’s resource, keeping down the rising number of the servers and realizing the platform’s unified management

2) Fast arrangement and flexible management

The virtual technique solves the issue of the huge time and personnel costs for the installation of operation system and configuration of applications, which will reduce the time that system management spend on the preparation and arrangement of servers to reduce the time needed to recover the system to a clean state.

3) Safety

4) Service ability for fast changing system

It can quickly clone multiple VM with the same arranged application system to combine with equivalent loading equipment, improving the system’s processing ability for any applications. When the accessing amount for the application reduces, it can reduce the increased VM to release resource for other VM.

5) Virtual machine’s dynamic transportation

The function of virtual machine’s dynamic transportation makes use of the virtual machine’s encapsulation and hardware independence to transport a running virtual machine from one physical server to another physical server, which will not disturb the running service of the virtual machine, as shown below.


6) Resource automatic scheduling and load balancing

When the application load is aggravating of one of the VM, the system will automatically transfer part or all of the VM at the same physical principle machine to the lightly loaded physical principle machine, during which the transported VM’s service is not disturbed, to ensure the VM can have more resource, realizing the resource’s automatic scheduling and load balancing.


7) Expandability

8) Green and energy saving

Adjust the data center’s energy consumption according to the VM’s loads. The specific strategy is to dynamically transport these VM to other principle machines when any principle machine’s VM accessing amount is low, let the principle machine stay at standby mode to save more power, and dynamically transport the VY back to the system when the load is increasing.

9) High availability

In the group of virtualization, when a virtual server has a malfunction, other virtual machines of the principle machine can be restarted on other servers of the group, which is referred to as the virtualized HA. As shown below.

10) Function of fault tolerance

It can realize failure switching at zero failure-waiting time and zero data loss, when a failure appears on the hardware, through the running the same virtual machine on different hosts.

11) Inter-site disaster recovery

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