Plasma Physics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Founded in September, 1978, Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences is mainly engaged in the research and development of high temperature plasma physics, magnetic confinement fusion engineering technology and related technologies, so as to solve human’s future strategic new energy - controlled thermonuclear fusion for target; it is an important base of thermonuclear fusion research in China.


High performance computing cluster of Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences was founded in September, 2008, and updated to be Shen Ma Cluster in July, 2011. There are 464 computing cores in total with 6.4 T memories. It adopts Sugon TC2600 computing blade, and the computing theory peak is 4.08TFlops.

In December, 2012, Shen Ma Cluster successfully amplified Shen Ma 2, which has 976 computing cores in total, and whose measured peak is more than 18 trillion times, and double precision floating point efficiency is over 90%. The cluster uses Sugon TC4600 high-density computing blade, and is configured with Sugon ParaStor100 parallel storage system, monitoring management network with megabytes convergence and 56 gb/s Infiniband FDR high-speed computing network. Shen Ma 2 Cluster adopts double machines high availability configuration on the key functions node and storage I/o nodes, which can improve the stability of compute cluster and the ability to continue to provide computing resources for users, so as to avoid service interruptions caused by single node failure, which is convenient for late –phase management and upgrade.

Since the computing platform was built and put into use, with multiple expansion, the number of users and resources demand keeps increasing, supporting scientific research of multiple offices in the institute; the research direction covers high temperature plasma physics and nuclear fusion project, ion beam bioengineering, plasma physics applications, solar energy materials and engineering, etc., which can provide a continuous and stable data computing platform for scientific research personnel and research projects, so as to promote the research and application conversion of advanced technologies, such as thermonuclear fusion.

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