High performance computing center of Central South University


As a high-level university directly under the Ministry of Education, listed in National "211 Project" and "985 Project", Central South University has the urgent realistic demand on high-performance computing materials of mining, machinery, transport and civil engineering etc. and other national key disciplines and most science, engineering, medical science. In order to promote the role of high performance computing in scientific research of the university, in September 2008, "high-performance grid computing platform" of Central South University was officially listed in "985 project" construction project.

High-performance grid computing platform hardware of Central South University adopts Sugon 5000, and the architecture is a hybrid cluster architecture, composed of blades computing node and SMP fat computing node; the computing network uses Infinband high-speed switches, double-precision floating-point arithmetic theory peak exceeds more than ten trillion times per second, ranking in the 80th place of top 100 high performance computer performance in China in 2009, and the 8th place among domestic colleges and universities.



Physics, chemistry and materials computing applications are the major business of high perfomance center of Central South University, and the center is configured with VASP, Gaussian, Materials Studio, WIEN2K, Quantum ESPRESSO, CP2K, CPMD, SIESTA, Fropho, ABINIT, GROMACS, AMBER and other rich open source and commercial computing applications software. It supports related numerous research projects of college of physics science and technology, chemical engineering, college of materials science and engineering, college of energy science and engineering, college of physics and information engineering, powder metallurgy research institute and other units.

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