High performance computing center of Sun Yat-Sen University



The computing science research team of the Sun Yat-Sen University is composed of some well-known scholars at home and abroad and is successfully elected as one of first innovative teams. This team is an international first-class innovation science research team, and its members have some international first-class research achievements in numerical solution for differential equation, fast algorithms for integral equation, random problem computing method, image processing, high-dimension data processing and robot learning theory. Now the information industry is facing “multi-core reform”. The high-performance computing hardware has evolved from single core to multiple cores and is mature, but R&D on the related algorithms and software is in the early research phase. Therefore, it brings some opportunities for Guangdong information industry to lead in multi-core parallel computing and software area.


The Sugon cluster system provides the reliable guarantee to R&D and achievement industrialization of the science research team of Sun Yat-Sen University. This system uses the Sugon high-density GPU computing node. Over 200 nVidia Tesla C2050 GPU can provide over 110Tflops computing capability. This system features self-programming, many users, extensive applications and diversified requirements. The linear equation solution is important in the above applications, so Sugon optimizes GPU parallelism for the dense and sparse linear equation and remarkably accelerates computing.

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